Feedback for Spieluhr

Jun 22, 2016

    1. I don't find my old feedback ? sorry TT.

      Can let me a feedback here^^.
    2. Amazing buyer and super easy. Thanks so much!
    3. Spieluhr bought my Puki Poseidon and it was a wonderful transaction! :) Fast payment and great communication throughout! Highly recommended! Thank you very much! :D
    4. I bought two luts zuzu delf sagitarius dolls on layaway and the transaction was lovely! The payments were easily arranged, communication was awesome, and the shipping was quick with a tracking number! I would definitely do business again!
    5. I bought a Luts Yul Satyros from Spieluhr. She answered all my questions and was very nice.
      He arrived very quickly, and in great shape.
      Thank you for a good transaction!
    6. Spieluhr asked about my LTF Lishe faceplate in May. She was trying to find a little boy body & was interested but wouldn't buy the faceplate, until she had a body. 2 months later, she contacted me again. :dance She'd found a body! Figured out shipping cost to Belgium. Payment was very fast. Mailed off Lishe faceplate. Arrived quickly. She's happy. Relief. :celebrate

      Very happy with our interaction. So glad she kept me in mind. Couldn't have gone better. Thank you Spieluhr!