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Feedback for spike_16

Apr 9, 2011

    1. Two weeks ago spike_16 contacted me about the Unoa faceplates I'm selling. They wanted to buy two of them and after giving them several extra pictures and agreeing on free shipping for the two faceplates we came upon a deal. Spike_16 promised to pay in a couple of days but I never heard back from them.

      I left several PM's to them, asking if they still were about to buy then faceplates but I haven't gotten any reply even though spike_16 has visited the forum almost daily. At this point I've given up, apparently they decided not to buy and didn't bother to tell me.

      Normally I have given people with no feedback a chance to buy from me as mostly they end up being ok buyers. I'm sad this didn't end up being one of those cases. I may look more carefully who I deal with in the future, especially as I haven't gotten any kind of explanation why they decided to disappear and leave me hanging.
    2. I didn't want to do this but I think people should know. I was contacted by spike_16 for a trade on one of my dolls. Arangements were finally agreed on then spike_16 just disappeared for more then a week and I have not heard anything on the trade. I have since canceled it.

      This user committed to a sale at a reduced price and then backed out because they found one for less money. I do not recommend counting on this person for a transaction. Based on this failed transaction and previous feedback, they obviously don't follow through on their promises.