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Feedback for spiralxstatic27

Mar 27, 2009

    1. Since I'm about to purchase my first doll, I'll probably be purchasing other things as well xD
      So if you sell to me or buy from me in the future, please leave feedback~

    2. spiralxstatic27 bought her first doll from me, a Lishe. She paid with layaway, and finished 2 weeks ahead of time. She's lovely to transact with! Thank you :)
    3. From her wtb thread, I was able to offer spiralxstatic27 a couple of shirts in a completely easy, friendly, quick transaction ^^ Can't ask for much more in a customer!
    4. spiralxstatic27 bought a Monique wig from me and was an excellent buyer, paid fast and was super nice - thanks so much!
    5. Bought a wrapped skirt from me. Paid fast and let me know when it arrived could not ask for more. Wonderful buyer.
    6. Great buyer. Fast payment and easy to communicate with. Thank you. >333<
    7. Participated in a GO and did not communicate until after the order was placed and after a reminder to pay
    8. She bought a head from me, everything went perfectly, paid fast, a pleasure to deal with.
    9. Bought a very nice girl's top, and it was shipped very quickly, and in excellent shape!
      Would gladly do business with anytime! :)
    10. SpiralxStatic27 was a participant in my eighth Dollmore group order and the transaction was just wonderfully smooth and easy. I have no complaints and couldn't be more pleased. Communication was great and payments were made quickly~

      :clover Thank you so much for your participation in one of my group orders! :clover
    11. SpiralxStatic27 bought a Delf Yder on a Fantasy Doll body from me. She was great to deal with. She was quick with her pms and her payment and was very personable.

      I would do business with her again. :)

    12. She was a member in a Dollmore GO. She didn't hinder it and was nice along with everyone else!! :3
    13. Spiral bought some hands from me and paid very swiftly and let me know when they arrived! Very nice transaction!
    14. Spiral sold me a fantastic wig and she was very nice to deal with! Thank you!!!
    15. Bought a fur wig and it arrived really fast and looks great! Nice person to deal with!
    16. I sold a pair of eyes to spiralxstatic27, and everything went smoothly! She paid quickly and let me know when they arrived. Thanks again! :aheartbea
    17. I bought a Fdoll body from her and she was patient for the payment to clear, and fast to ship it =D

      It arrived really fast and was in perfect condition >w<
      Box Opening =3

      I was glad to buy it from her =D
    18. (This is a horribly late review. @_@)

      I bought a Yder head from her. She put it on hold for me until I had the sufficient funds and shipped quickly. He was packaged nicely and I couldn't be happier. As it was a gift for a friend, I was glad it arrived so quickly. I would love to do business with her in the future <3

      I will add photos later; I just moved across the Atlantic and am swamped ;v;
    19. I sold some eyes to spiralxstatic27 and the transaction went great!
    20. Spiralxstatic bough me a lovely harlequin SD shirt. She paid fast and was great to let me know she got it. Thanks a lot, this transaction was purrrrfect! ^^