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Feedback for Splynterhayde

Mar 7, 2009

    1. (as of March 6th, 2009: My 21st Birthday!)


      I've had very very pleasant experiences with:

      nena: I bought my Kohya off of her and she is just a sweet, LOVELY darling. My doll came to me exactly as described, plus, she was nice enough to send him with a wig, and he shall remain great friends with her until they day we die. She was VERY helpful and VERY patient. I defiantely recommend her.

      Dutchgirl: I bought my AR doll carrier off of her. VERY fast, very proffesional and sweet seller. VERY CARING. . I am well pleased with the case and she has been most helpful to me. .

      Paulkaiju: Custom made me a beautiful pair of eyes. He's a good seller and a sweet guy. They were definately worth my while and money. .

      WaWaMelon: Okay, just perfect. Lovely. She made me the CUTEST cabbit plushie and even sent me some of the cutest little toys along with him. Very awesome and cool and nice. .

      Marie: I bought the original Kohya wig from her. Very proffesional and fast.

      zoi_no_miko: Bought a crazy wig off of her for nice and cheap. Hand delivered right to me~. XD.

      zoi_no_miko: I bought her DOD Too, Kuro. Since I got to go out on the town with her, it was an incredible transaction. :3.


      I haven't sold anything yet. . I'll let you guys know how that goes.


      effigy: I traded my DoD Too for a Soom Gem boy body, and the transaction went well, rather quickly, and the body ended up matching my head almost perfectly. Effigy is friendly and encouraging to the first time trader. Good job!
    2. I had a great trade with Splinterhayde. The Too I received in exchange for my Soom boy body was well used, but perfectly described and excellently packaged. Shipping went smoothly and communication was excellent. I would not hesitate to trade again, or conduct sales with Splinterhayde
    3. Splynterhayde participated in my recent Dollmore GO and was a pleasure to work with! I recieved fast payment and great communication through our transactions together. Also a very fun person to talk to! Sorry your friend didn't like your gift, but it was a very sweet gesture! :P

      Thanks so much! I'd gladly work with you again! :)
    4. Splynterhayde bought Into Soul: Odd Eyes, 16mm from me. She's an excellent buyer for good communication, fast payment making, and prompt information giving. Highly recommended, thanks a ton!:)
    5. Splynterhayde joined a LUTS group order I ran.
      The communication was smooth and overall process was perfect. Recommended buyer!

      Thank you. ^^
    6. I recently purchased a doll, communication was excellent and shipping was super fast. Super friendly seller too, I'd definately buy from Spynterhayde again! ^__^ <3
    7. I sold a lovely Head to this lovely person and it was so much fun xD
      It went really smooth an they are soo friendly an kept to there word. Thanks so much!
    8. Splynterhayde bought doll accessories from me. Great transcation with prompt payment, thanks!
    9. Me & Splynterhayde traded her gourgeous "Cheerydoll" dress set with pretty jewelery for my NS Luts SSdf man head! The trade went soooo smoothly, everything arrived in great condition! thanks so much! Highly reccommend Splynterhayde as a trader! :)
    10. Splynterhayde bought a head from me, communication(include the layaway) was smooth and overall process was perfect, thanks! Great buyer.
    11. Splynterhayde bought an iDoll MSD Outfit from me and was absolutely wonderful with communication and prompt, smooth payment! It was great talking with them, as well. Super friendly and absolutely wonderful when negotiating arrangements for the transaction. Thank you, Splynterhayde ^^ Reccomended to all~
    12. Splynterhayde bought Euclase from me. At first she said she need 3-4 months layaway. But she did pay in amazing speed. She was really lovely and friendly every time she wrote to me. Promptly let me know as soon as she pick up the package. I'm very happy tha Euclase in a very good new home now. Thank you^ ^
    13. i bought the Euclase outfit from Splynterhayde and i had nothing but wonderful communication from her, she shipped the outfit quickly and it arrived very fast. i would love to to busniess with her again as i highly recomend her!

      thank you so much Splynterhayde
    14. Splynterhayde purchased a pair of eyes from me, and was a perfect buyer in every way. Thank you very much. ^^
    15. Splynterhayde bought a pair of Soom Euclase dead hands, paid very fast and was very nice, friendly and incredibly patient!!

      A real pleasure to deal with, and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again ;)

      Thank you! <3
    16. Had a great transaction with Angele ^-^ She's super nice and understanding even when things got a bit mixed up on my end ^-^ She kept in contact with me the throwout the whole thing. Very highly recommended!

      Thanks again!!
    17. Bought a pair of eyes from her. She was really efficient and kind! I really appreciate her help. Definitely recommended to others!
    18. I bought a pair of Euclase hands from Splynterhayde and they arrived safely and the transaction went great. Thanks!
    19. I bought Euclase's meditation head, package was great and transaction too, and communication during all this deal time ^___^
      very responsible person!