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Feedback for spookiepuppy

Sep 28, 2010

    1. I just sold 2 dolls to spookiepuppy.
      She was very prompt in paying and informed me when the dolls arrived.
      Thank you so much!
    2. Spookiepuppy just purchased my limited Yur, and she was fantastic to deal with! Great communication and fast payment----would work with her again.
    3. I sold a pair of Soom hooves to spookiepuppy. She was very polite and had wonderful communication. She paid promptly was overall great. Thank you very much :D
    4. Spookiepuppy purchased a pair of 14mm SOOM Cuprit default eyes from me. She was very easy to communicate with, super fast with payment and let me know when the eyes arrived. Thanks so much for a great transaction. I highly recommend Spookiepuppy!
    5. Spookiepuppy purchased my almost full set Soom MD Cuprit Black Frost and it was an excellent transaction. Communication was great, payment was incredibly fast, and spookiepuppy let me know as soon as Cuprit arrived. I would definitely transact with this user again!
    6. Spookiepuppy and I had a great transaction. She's a darling, it was really cool meeting another doll person. Thanks for the easiest transaction ever!
    7. I sold my Beryl Hooves to spookiepuppy and everything went wonderful! She was a great person to deal with and I highly recommend her! Fast payment, always responded right away, and always poite! A+++++++++ :)
    8. I sold my LTF Shiwoo faceplate to spookiepuppy. Great communication and prompt payment. Would definitely do business with her again!
    9. spookiepuppy purchased a LTF face plate from me and she was very nice to work with. Communication was excellent all the way to the item's arrival. I highly recommend her to anyone! Thank you for a smooth transaction!
    10. I sold Fairyland 70 cm Feeple to spookiepuppy with a short time layaway. Everything passed very well and easy. spookiepuppy is very contactable person and she paid the layaway faster then we supposed. I will sale and buy from spookiepuppy again in future with pleasure.
    11. Spookiepuppy purchased Some of my Soom Resin Parts, and she was great to deal with! Nice communication and fast payment----would work with her again.
    12. I sold a Soom Io mask to spookiepuppy. Communication was great and she paid quickly. Would love to work with her again.
    13. Sookiepuppy joined a split I hosted for Epidia from SOOM. Sookie paid on time and was great with communication and super friendly. I couldn't have done this split without her taking the parts she did. Thank you so much. I would love to have Sookiepuppy again. :-)
    14. Sold her an Iplehouse Luna tamer human head. Speedy payment, great communication, smooth transaction all around.

    15. Spookie purchased my Iplehouse Luna Tamer with chimera parts. Her communication was excellent, she paid promptly and was a joy to work with. I am so glad Luna went to a great home where she will be appreciated.
    16. spookiepuppy bought a amber body from me. fast payment and great communication great buyer thank you very much^^
    17. I sold an Iplehouse Yur chimera head to spookiepuppy and the transaction couldn't have gone better! Communication was great, payment was fast and she was a very friendly buyer! Highly recommended, thanks!!
    18. Spookiepuppy purchased a OE soom Heliot head with soom default makeup off of me and everything went smooth. Super friendly and excellent communication. Thanks again! ;)
    19. Spookiepuppy purchased a fantasy soom Heliot head with horn with soom default makeup off of me and again the transaction was a breeze. Super friendly and excellent communication and I'm glad he went to a great home and reunited with his other half. CHeers Spookiepuppy, Thanks again! ;)
    20. spookiepuppy purchased a Soom SG body from me, she paid full cost upfront and was a pleasure to deal with, she also let me know when the body had arrived. Would definitely do business with in the future and recommend her as a buyer!