Feedback for Spuggey

Apr 10, 2017

    1. Thank you! ^_^
    2. I had a great transaction with spuggey
      she was a fantastic buyer!
      she paid quick and was kind enough to let me know when she got the doll
      it was a great pleasure to deal with her
      highly recommend to everyone!
      thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3. @Spuggey bought a Magic Time Rachael from me. They were friendly and polite in their messages, paid quickly and let me know when the doll arrived safely. I would happily recommend them as a buyer. Thanks for the great transaction!
    4. Spuggey bought a Migidoll Ryu head from me; communication was quick and easy, payment was immediate, and updated me when he got stuck in customs for a bit. Thank you!
    5. I purchased a Migidoll Yujin head from Spuggey. They gave me options for shipping, kept me updated and shipped promptly. The packing job was fabulous, Yujin had a very cushy ride across the pond! He was in great shape and exactly as described.

      I wouldn't hesitate to buy from Spuggey again!

      Thank you!
    6. Sold a spare Volks hand to Spuggey, and the whole transaction was pleasant and promptly executed.
      Thanks again!