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Feedback for Squidleet

Jun 26, 2010

    1. Just got access to the marketplace, so setting up my feedback.
    2. I sold a pair of MSD boots to Squidleet. She was very friendly and prompt with answering PMs, paid fast, and let me know when her item arrived! An excellent buyer, I would happily do business again!
    3. This is wonderful feedback for a wonderful buyer! Sold Squidleet my Delf El. She was sweet, paid fast, and all around great to work with. Anytime, Squidleet! A+++++++++++
    4. Squidleet bought some clothes and shoes from me and she is a great buyer !!!! =D
      She is friendly and nice =D fast payment and great communication =)
      I really like her and i definitely wish to deal with her again ^^
      ^3^ <----a sweet kiss for you XD
    5. Awesome buyer, paid exactly when she said she would, great communication. I would absolutely do business with her again <3
    6. squidleet bought several items from me - paid on time, was patient when i had to wait to ship things out, let me know when everything arrived - she was wonderful to work with, and chat with XD!

      sorry for the late feedback!
    7. Hi

      Squidleet bought my Dollzone LE Dream Xi Outfit Set. Her communication was great. She paid when she said she would. I had put the outfit on hold since she was waiting for a check, I believe, to clear for her to pay. I gladly waited for it to go through. She was great keeping up her end. I would love to do business with her again.

      Her boy looks dashing in his new outfit! I was really excited to see her boy since he was Dollzone's new sculpt in which I was curious to see photos of.

      Hope you love the outfit! :D

      - Lum Out -