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Feedback for Squishtaru

Jan 15, 2009

    1. Please leave your feedback here~
    2. Traded a pair of shoes and the transaction was quick and smooth! ^^
    3. Squishtaru joined my Dollmore GO! Fantastic and patient participant, quick payment! <3
    4. I bought a copper wig from Squishtaru. She took it to the post office practically the moment I paid for it! Would be only to happy to buy from her again.
    5. I bought a wig from SQUISHTARU and it was a very pleasant overseas transaction. Thanks for ALL !!!
    6. Bought an adorable wig from Squishtaru. Came FAST and was perfect. Lovely to work with. Highly recommend. Thanks very much!!
    7. Squishtaru bought some glass eyes from me.
      fast payment and smooth communication.
      Thank you.^^
    8. Bought 3 shoes from Squishtaru. Fast shipping. Fast responses. Pleasure to do business. =3
    9. I bought a pair of Soom eyes from Squishtaru. Not only did she take the time to retake a photo of them (I was being particular about color haha...) but they shipped quickly and I love them! Thank you!
    10. I bought an item from them, they ship quickly and were pleasure to deal with. Items were in most perfect condition!
    11. I did a Dollmore GO with Squishtaru, and it was the Best Excpirence ever for my first GO. she was so pacient. and great to work with. and everything went so Quickly. i hope to work wth her again someday soon
    12. Was just in a Dollmore Go with Squishtaru. Everything went smoothly, wonderful communication! My items arrived faster than expected. Thank you! ^_^
    13. Was in a Dollmore GO ran by Squishtaru. Communication was top notch, well organized. Everything was smoothly ran. Thank you! ^^
    14. Participated in Squishtaru's Dollmore GO, everything was wonderful from start to finish. Great communication and fast shipping when items came in.
    15. I participated in a Dollmore GO ran by Squishtaru and everything was perfect. Super communication, she let us know when everything was happening and the shipping to us was super-fast. Would definitely do business with her again!
    16. I joined a Dollmore GO ran by Squishtaru and everything turned out great. There were some issues on Dollmore's part but Squishtaru handled everything - she was just too nice. She also shipped my items fast! I definitely recommend her. Thanks so much (^w^) :daisy!
    17. I participated in a Dollmore GO ran by Squishtaru, everything ran smoothly and items were packed and sent out very quickly- communication was great ;D thank you again!!
    18. Squishtaru ran a Dollmore GO that I participated in, and I thought everything went very smoothly! She sent the packages out right after they got to her, and within a couple days I got my stuff! Thanks again! :D
    19. Participated in a Dollmore group order run by Squishtaru - everything went perfectly. The easiest and most efficient group order I've ever been in :D
    20. I joined my first ever GO with Squishtaru >w< I was nervous at first but she was absolutely amazing. Communication was flawless, the organization was droolworthy, the shipping was so reasonable, the items arrived so quickly!!!!

      She kept us constantly updated and was simply wonderful >w< Thank you!!!!