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Feedback for St. James

Jun 21, 2006

    1. Here's my spot for feedback!

      When you leave feedback,
      please make the distinction between
      purchases of jewelry from the horned moon, with one bright star (formerly orangebabydolly jewels)


      transactions with St. James for dolls & stuff.

      Most jewelry is sold on eBay. You can see our feedback here.​
      #1 St. James, Jun 21, 2006
      Last edited: Oct 15, 2015
    2. I've bought jewels from ebay and directly...
      The pleasure to spend copious amonts of $$$ was all mine.

      A lovely person and a delight to deal with... oh and the Wu sized rings. PERFECT. XOXOXOXOX

      I will be ordering again and soon.
    3. I've bought two orangebabydolly necklaces directly thus far, and both jewelry and St. James were lovely. More brains for my mast... erm, i'll be returning.
    4. I've bought a bunch of orangebabydolly jewels and they are divine - A necklace-ring set and several single necklaces so far, and the tiny detail is gorgeous. The guarantee against breakage is awesome too. St. James is also quite cool in person. XD
    5. Bought a Dark Soo Vampire Head BW from St.James in the marketplace. Came in real fast and in good condition :) Pleasure doing business with ya ^o^
    6. Excellent quality gems and unsurpassable crafstmanship make orangebabydolly a Top seller for me, not to mention amazingly fast shipping. Blazing speed!
      Thanks so much for the wonderful ring for my Husky.
    7. Awesome quality and I rec'd my rings super fast! I would definitely do business with again!
    8. EXCELLENT quality and a pleasure to do business with. Or even just talk to. ^_~
    9. Wonderful to do business with--this ring is perfect, the shipping is fast... great about answering questions, too. *happy*
    10. I recently married my boys together....Mykal and Damien are now an official couple!! St. James made my rings for me :) I am sooooo ecstatic!! they are AWESOME!!!

      UBER-FAST shipment!!! really nice to talk to!!

      THANK YOU!!! :D ::: huggles :::
    11. I have dealt with both St. James and Orangebabydolly and both are TOP KNOTCH!
    12. Exquisitely beautiful jewellery and charming sellers.

      Go forth and buy it! :)
    13. I just received a lovely orangebabydolly ring and it is amazing.

      St James was wonderful to deal with, easy to communicate with and delivery was very fast. A+++++++++ as we say on ebay :)
    14. I bought a ring from orangebabydolly and I just love it! Really amazing craftmanship! :D St. James is an excellent seller!^^
    15. Lovely work, great prices and fast shipping. Lovely to work with, and I can see where all my jewelry money is going to go :) Keep up the cool styles!
    16. The orangebabydolly rings arrived today and they are WONDERFUL!

      The new silver 'wedding' ring and the simply elegant garnet ring fit my guy beautifully!

      Excellent communication and quick delivery make this another delightful transaction!

      Thank you again for providing such quality pieces for our dolls!

    17. I received some orangebabydolly jewellry in trade and WOW!

      The packaging - fantastic,
      The quality - incredible
      The fit - perfect
      The style - divine

      I was SO impressed with not only the jewellry, but the packaging and service that I will now be haunting their ebay listings and elbowing people out of the way lol!

      Seek peace

    18. i've bought orangebabydolly jewels on ebay, and directly from St. James. Both were extremely positive experiences! The jewelry is amazing! Everything fits all my dollies perfectly, and it's all so beautiful. :) St. James is beyond friendly and soooo helpful, and the packaging of the jewelry is awesomely adorable. Wicked fast shipping too!
      i am clearly a blithering fan. teehee!
      :aheartbea Robin
    19. I've bought a custom ring directly from St. James here, and a special one off ebay. Both times, the packaging & speed were great. The rings are just... perfect. Seriously, I'm very picky, and these are beautiful - fit great, very substantial (not flimsy) materials, the whole deal. I really look forward to buying jewelry from orangebabydolly/St. James again.
    20. gotten rings from orangebabydoll they are very lovely ^^