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Feedback for Stairwaytoheaven

Aug 27, 2011

    1. My own thread for feedback, for all my transactions~~

      Please leave feedback for me. Thank you :)
    2. I sold Dollfie Dream Yuki Morikawa to her. and she was just wonderful to work with! Fast payment and very communicative. I highly recommend her!
    3. Just purchased some jeans and love them...thank you
    4. I bought a lovely volks ami from stairwaytoheaven. transaction was very smooth and packing was excellent.
      great member to do business with. thanks~
    5. ~~ Please disregard previous feedback of mine!~~

      Me and Stairwaytoheaven have both come to terms and I realized we were both misunderstanding each other. Everything worked out and she she payed quickly and let me know when the doll arrived safely. I appreciate her trying to work out the misunderstandings with me. Thank you so much, I really do recommend her. <3
    6. I bought a YOSD kanon from stairwaytoheaven~
      she was very kind and patiently to solve problem,
      Good and wonderful buyer:)
    7. Uh. It was a tough deal.
      I bought Volks Ryoma Sakamoto with 3 months layaway.
      First, Stairwaytoheaven responds often only for one or two questions, but not all, and you must repeat them from letter to letter before she answer them.
      Then, the shipping. "priority is not ems, it is a higher level service compare to ems( it takes 3-4 days shipping compare to ems 5-10 days), the 180 one is ems in canada, it will have tracking and ur signature in it" I chose 180$ shipping, and it was the most ordinary mail in Russia without EMS features.
      Her math was bad from time to time... But the worst thing was not one of these. Before the last payment and sending of doll she suddenly wrote that she leaving her country for a month. She wrote if I'll send her last payment before she leaves, she will send me the doll. I hurried, sent the final payment and wrote her about that, but she didn't answer my letter. She wrote later: "sorry for the late reply, sorry i wasnot able to ship it before i leave, i will try to ask someone to ship it, i will send u tracking after shipping." After that, she didn't respond to letters again. No one sent the doll. Finally she returned from her trip and wrote: "hi, sorry for the late reply i just come back yesterday, i will ship your boy as soon as possible, maybe in this friday or weekend". Then she disappeared and only on Wednesday (nor friday nor weekend) wrote that she sent the doll, and sent me the tracking number.
      Ryoma Sakamoto is the very expensive doll, so I worried a lot during this transaction. I think Stairwaytoheaven isn't responsible enough.

      Good news: the doll was packed well and Stairwaytoheaven was polite in all correspondence.
    8. It is a 3-4 month layaway, I notify Dr_Lekter my travel one week in advance and she make the final payment 1 day before the day i leave. So.....