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Feedback for Star87

Oct 26, 2010

    1. Please post any feedback here :)

      Thankyou! <3
    2. I sold a nanuri 08 head to her and she was serious and payed really quickly =) she's really nice and I absolutely recommend her !
    3. Srar87 commissioned me to make her a cloak for her doll, it was a great transaction, fast payment and friendly communication, even when the package took a while to arrive she was very patient and kind. I highly recommend!
    4. Star87 purchased a handmade crochet panda bear hat from me, and it had been such a wonderful transaction! I could not ask a better buyer, really! Communication was excellent, she replied quickly and she had been so nice throughout the way! She paid quickly and she even informed me when the hat arrived to her. She even was so nice to show me her doll wearing the panda bear hat!

      Thanks so much again! I highly recommend her as a buyer!
    5. Star participated in my FL Mirwen split. She was super fast with communication and paid promptly. I highly recommend her! Thanks again Star for helping to make my first split so smooth :)