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Feedback for Starbaby13

Aug 15, 2019

    1. If you've commissioned me or we've bought/sold from one another, please leave feedback here. Thank you:)
    2. I commissioned Starbaby13 for a faceup. Her communication was flawless, her time was incredibly fast, and her work is stunning. I honestly couldn't be happier, and will definitely look to her for future commissions. Thank you so much!
    3. I commissioned Starbaby13 for two face-ups and blushing for a doll body.

      Starbaby13 was super friendly and polite, and communication throughout the entire transaction was thorough and prompt.

      Starbaby13’s work is awesome. My dolls face-ups really reflect the personalities I already saw in their sculpts, and the characters I thought they resembled. The body blushing looks delicate and natural as well.

      Overall, I could not have asked for a better first experience commissioning a face-up, and would be happy to commission from Starbaby13 again. Thank you!
    4. I commissioned four faceups from Starbaby13 and she really brought my girls to life. Her interpretation of what I wanted them each to look like was spot on and her work is just a stunning in person as it is in her photos.

      Communication was prompt and easy. She packaged the heads back well and they all arrived in tact. I would definitely recommend her for faceups and will definitely commission her again!
    5. I had my Baby Lamb and Sleeping Soo done by Starbaby13. She did the work beautifully and in a timely manner, providing updates through the process without any prompting. I would recommend commissioning them! I will certainly be a repeat customer.

      Thank you for the amazing job! My dolls look gorgeous.:love
    6. I commissioned starbaby13 to do a custom faceup for my recently arrived Dollshe Michael Bowie in copper oriental.

      to begin with the process of the commission was excellent, thorough and detailed, but easy to understand.
      I was informed when the head reached her, got a preview in a reasonable amount of time and the results are spectacular!
      She brought out the life in the doll to its fullest.

      I can definitely recommend her as an artist and businesswoman; and this will definitely not be my only commission from Starbaby13.
    7. I highly recommend starbaby13 as she did a great job on one of my bjd doll's custom face-up. She provides excellent service, is easy to work with and does fine workmanship. I plan to request another face-up commission for another one of my dolls in the near future..

      Thank you very much!
    8. I commissioned Starbaby13 for a faceup on my Guudoll Luna and I couldn't be happier with her work! She was friendly, prompt, and kept me in the loop every step of the way; the faceup itself is excellent and she did a wonderful job. I would love to work with her again.
    9. I bought a pair of MSD flats from Starbaby13, and the transaction was flawless. Communication and shipping were prompt, the shoes arrived safely, and they're PERFECT for my doll. I would love to buy from her again! Thank you!
    10. Starbaby13 just did a body blush on my soom raon body and a faceup on my qingyi head.
      both are very beautiful
    11. I commissioned Starbaby13 for a resin match from NS to WS and a faceup for my MNF Siean. She was absolutely wonderful to work with! Great communication and fast turnaround time. My girl looks wonderful with her new look. I would definitely commission her again. Thanks so much!
    12. starbaby13 completed the rest of my soom supergem raon fox body parts now the whole raon body was done by starbaby13.
      its totally beautiful the fox legs look so realistic . the whole body is beautiful.
    13. DorothyAnn did two face ups + body blushing for me. She is a sweetheart and a very talented artist! Both girls she did a superb job on. Communication can be a bit slow, but that’s not problem as she takes such care in her work. I will be returning for more faceups from her, and would recommend her to anyone looking for a realistic face up <3 I am leaving POSITIVE feedback.
    14. Starbaby13 did a stunning, perfect faceup for my Lillycat Aglae -- I'm absolutely thrilled, and I hope I'll be able to commission more of Dorothyann's faceups in the future! Communication was good, and I was pleased with the turnaround time on the faceup. Enthusiastic recommendation!!
    15. Starbaby 13 did a beautiful faceup on my fantasia doll issac head.
      another awesome commission.