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Feedback for Starfighter.. a lovely seller

Jun 28, 2006

    1. I had to most wonderful purchase from Starfighter. highly recommend if you are seeking to buy from..
    2. I recently brought a pink wig from Starfighter. He's really polite and an excellent seller, I highly recommend him too!

    3. I just got a SD13 long-leg boy body from Starfighter, and he's absolutely gorgeous -- in wonderful condition just like he said. :3 He was extremely nice, and lovely to do business with -- and WAY faster shipping than I've seen anything sent.

      Thank you SO much -- I've been waiting for a perfect body to come along for Azel for six months, and I'm so glad you're the seller that helped create my perfect boy. :3

    4. I have just closed a transaction with Starfighter! He is a lovely buyer, wonderful to deal with! Thank you very very much, enjoy your new boy ^__^
    5. I bought Isao Nanjou from Starfighter 2 months ago. He was nice to work with though I had some payment problems, he was very patient with me. I highly recommend him!
    6. Thank you! ^^ I hope you and your doll will like the headdress.

      I have a lot of trust in him 'cuz I gave him the item b4 I get the payment lol XD
      Therefore Starfighter is an excellent buyer and super fast payment!
    7. Bought a Sist from Philip! She is soooooo cute!

      Thanks to a great seller! Sometimes he's a little slow on the communication..... I know he is a busy person! He will answer, though and he does come through!!!! :D


    8. Starfighter performed the following esthetic services on my SD10 Carol, all of which I am incredibly happy with:
      ~ modification of the inside of her thigh and knees joints to give her greater stability when standing
      ~ repositioning of her eyes to bring her overall appearance 'to life'
      ~ styled the bangs of her wig and created beautiful symmetric braids (I've never seen anything like them before!)

      I am normally shy about letting others touch any of my dolls, but after seeing the care that Starfighter takes with his own, I knew my Carol would be in great hands *^^*
    9. Have you news of him??
      I send him one payment for my L-Bi 16 february.Now I'm ready to send his last payment but I have no answer...I'm very worried...
    10. I sent full payment for School C head on 1/30/07 by paypal. Still not received head or refund yet. What should I do?
    11. FinallyI got my L-Bi and he is beautiful!!!Thanks to Starfighter and I sorry to send you many mails!!I love my new doll!!Thank you so much!!
    12. waiting for paypal...
    13. recieved my doll to day from Philip in very good condition. However, just a note of concern, he did not reply to my PMs or e-mail questions to see if he received my full payment, when he would ship, what the tracking # was, etc. until I PM'd that she was not here and I would have to contact paypal, and then he did pay attention and replied. Slow to ship, did not double box (only paper taped over the volks box). He needs to show some responsibility for communication, packing ,and shipping. It was only luck that it was not pouring rain with the Volks box arrived. ........ 20 days after the doll was paid for.
    14. Caro there was communication, a package can not be expected to be mailed out and arrive at your doorstep within 2 days.
    15. the Shining One: How can you tell there was communication?? he never replied to my pm's about the shipment, when I'm sure he read it...and I wasn't expecting to get the doll in 2 days but at least he could ship or respond to pm's! he promise the doll would ship on april 27th...on april 30th the doll still wasn't shipped! as a seller I always get in touch with my buyers...

      STILL waiting for a reply may 7th still no dolls or money...I am willing to be patient but I found this a little long...
    16. Everything's pretty much rectified with Caro's transaction, so I've almost got everything back on track.
      Thank you all for your patience. Anyone who hasn't heard from me will soon.
      bye for now

    17. well, 3 days later...nothing is happening...:?

      may 9th:
      he has been online on may 7th in the pm...never got anything rom him no pm no email no doll and NO MONEY!!

      Well, if you are not a malicious seller than why don't you just ship the doll if you don't have money? that way paypal will open your account again...that is so simple but you like to play don't you?
    18. Starfighter will need to ship going through Paypal with a tracking number in order just get his account reopened. He to print out a shipping label and show that it has been processed and that will give a tracking number. I had problems with an ebay seller and had to go through all this with paypal to finally get the item. I hope he sends me the SD16 male body I bought from him at the same time Caro (April 25) and I haven't heard anything since May 1. I am hopeful he will contact me and ship the doll that supposedly went out on April 27. Please contact me with my requested information on shipping and tracking number ASAP.
    19. Hello all,

      Almost everything is taken care of now, I just have to get in contact with a couple more people.
      I'll post some details about what happened with Caro's transaction so that people can understand what went wrong with it.

      take care