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Feedback for StarFlakes

Oct 25, 2008

    1. Just a feedback thread for myself. :whee:

      Cause I started doing stuffs that may require feedback for whatever I may have been involved in.
    2. StarFlakes bought a FDoll Tobias head from me and paid instantly, and let me know right away when he arrived! A very pleasant transaction!
    3. :)StarFlakes & I did a wig trade my MSD for a SD wig! I love the wig, it is perfect for my Lishe! Thanks so much StarFlakes!:D
    4. Bought a DOI body from Starflakes, arrived safe and sound very fast! Wonderfully packed, and a pleasure to speak with.
      (Did you used to have another feedback thread? I'm sure I posted! If not, sorry for the delay~!)
    5. Sorry for a delayed and overdue feedback! :D

      I bought a Tender Lahoo head from Starflakes some time ago, and even though there was a problem with shipping (due to her inexperience shipping internationally), the head arrived safely, and I'm in love with it. :) He's been taken care of very well, hasn't been yellowed or damaged even though he was more than a year old! And he becomes the perfect brother for my Raven~ :D

      I just want to say thank you so much, and I'm sorry for the troubles... :aheartbea