Feedback for StarryFishBoneSoup

Jul 12, 2018

    1. Thank you for your purchase! Please leave some feedback. :D
    2. F E E D B A C K : P O S I T I V E

      StarryFishBoneSoup responded to my WTB post for Fairyland Mari face plates and offered to sell their Mari OE and SP face plates. I was worried that it might be a recast as they did not come with CoA however, they asked Iza (1st owner) for screenshots of the receipt and promptly sent them to me. Reassured, I went ahead and sent them the payment in which they sent out the face plates promptly. I would definitely purchase from them again!​
      Item as described ★★★★★
      Communication ★★★★★
      Shipping time ★★★★★
      Shipping & handling ★★★★★​