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Feedback for steampunker.

Jun 28, 2010

    1. If I've had a transaction with you please leave some feedback here. Thank you. :aheartbea
    2. steampunker participated in the Mythological Fantasy Swap. They followed the rules of the swap and their partner(s) were happy with what they received. I would highly recommend this person to future swap leaders.
    3. Steampunker was my swap partner in the MSD swap Held By Azukiredbean. I got 2 really nice outfits. Thank you Steampunker.
    4. steampunker participated in my Harry Potter swap. They shipped quickly and sent their partner well made items. I would gladly recommend them. Thanks!
    5. steampunker participated in my Yo-SD winter wonderland swap, she posted her profile on time and was a pleasure to deal with. She sent out her gift in a timely manner and even let us know when she got her gift from her swap partner.

      Excellent swaper!!
    6. steampunker ordered two custom hoodies from me and was fantastic to work with! Communication was excellent and she kept me informed about everything. Thanks again!
    7. Steampunker was in my Lolita swap and was a pleasure. Sent gift on time and great communication! Would love to have in another swap. ^_^
    8. Steampunker was a participant in my "80's are Back" swap. She was a wonderful swapper, who followed all my swap rules, paid attention to her partners' dolly profile, and shipped her package on time. Her partners very happy with the gifts and only had good things to say. One her partner commented, "The outfit is very well made and the overall fit is great. Other partner commented "Did an amazing job...and she listened well when she didn't have much to go on." As the host, I would be happy have her in any of my future swap. Outstanding swapper to work with.
    9. Steampunker was in Steam-Punk Swap and was a pleasure to have it. she made her partner a lovely gift and highly recommend her! thanx for being in my swap! ^_^
    10. I took part in Steampunkers Pukifee latiyellow Easter swap.
      Great swap and a great hoast. All the rules were clear and things got taken care of.
      Thank you for a very nice swap!
    11. I took part in the Christmas Card Swap for 2013 and Steampunker was an excellent swap partner!
    12. Steampunker took part in my Christmas/winter present swap and she was a pleasure to have in it. Her partners were very happy with their gifts they received and everything went smoothly. Steampunker was also very patient while waiting for her second parcel to arrive which took a bit more time. She is more then welcome to take part in any of my future swaps :)
    13. steampunker was a participant in my Fairytale Swap. She is a wonderful swap participant and I would highly recommend her for any swap. :)
    14. Positive~~

      steampunker joined my NekoAtsume hoodie Swap, shared progress updates, shipped accordingly and made a great hoodie for their partner.
      Would be happy to have her in another of my swaps.
    15. Positive Swap Feedback

      Steampunker joined my Winter Holiday Treat Swap and was wonderful to work with! They kept good communication, made an appropriate gift for their partner, shipped on time and updated when they received their swap gift. I would recommend them for any swap. Thanks!
    16. steampunker was a participant in my Springtime Swap and was an excellent partner as usual! I would highly recommend steampunker for any swap and would love to see them in any of my future swaps! Thank you :)
    17. steampunker was a member of my Summer Solstice Swap and was an amazing swap partner once again! Great communications, items sent went above and beyond the swap expectations, and I would love to have steampunker join any of my future swaps. :)
    18. steampunker was in my 'evil little things' swap! they sent their partner an amazing gift, within the time limit, and were a joy to have as a participant!
    19. steampunker was a member of my recent Witch's Sabbat Swap and she was a wonderful swapper! I would highly recommend steampunker to other swap hosts and would gladly have her join any of my future swaps! :)