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Feedback for Stella Maris

Sep 30, 2006

    1. Hi everyone! The people tell me I should have this thread to show those who maybe don't know me that I am not a rat fink. So, if you've had to do business with me, I can't imagine why, it's not like I buy anything ever (well I don't buy stuff like every day) please gimme some love, OK?
    2. i sold an sd to Stella Maris. great transaction.. she also paid very quickly.
      she is very nice and always reply to pms. it was my pleasure doing the transaction with her.. ^^


      p.s. thanks again Stella Maris!! :daisy
    3. Stella is just great. She bought a Narsha from me, paid when she said she would and the best part of the whole thing is, I feel I made a friend. (she also keeps me updated on her cute Narsha) I wouldn't hesitate to recommend buying from or selling to Stella for anything at all!
    4. I had a great transaction with Stella. I bought an ISMY doll from her. She was very upfront about any problems he had, and was very quick at responses, and to send him. Thanks so much for my boy! :love
    5. I sold my Soulkid Sweeni girl to Stella and the transaction went smooth as can be. She's an awesome lady, a pleasure to deal with!! :)
    6. I bought my Aemeath head from Stella Maris. She's very good at communicating and a pleasure to deal with.
    7. I bought a pair of ears. -lol- Onjy in the BJD world. Anywho, I bought a pair of ears and they were packed well, and shipped so fast! Plus Stella Maris is just a super nice person anyway that I'd love to by from her again. Thank you Stella Maris for a pleasant transaction. ^__^
    8. You are totally not a ratfink!

      And she made a delicious shrug for my Nana which is faboo.
    9. Stella is the greatest. She has bought a few dolls from me, always stays in touch, and I can trust her to carry through with her plans. I can highly recommend her in any dolly deal!:fangirl:
    10. I wish I could think of something special to say how great a seller Stella is! I guess that says it there. The outfit is wonderful its currently on my Sei Tenshi! finally found something that can fit around the permanent wings :)
    11. Did a split for MNF Elf Shushu with Stella. She paid quickly and was fun and easy to talk with. Will do business with her again! :D
    12. Stella helped me when I needed her the most, she offered me to buy her Shushu Vamp head, that I was looking all over the forum but had no luck and was starting to feel really down about it, so she pm'd me we arranged it and she even shipped it the very same day ,it arrived in no time and it was sooo well packaged!! Very trusting person, wonderful to work with!! Thank you very very much Sharon ^________^
    13. Stella Maris is a great buyer! Superfast payment and great communication! Wonderful person to sell to! Thank you again and give her a little kiss from me!
    14. More love for Stella Maris :) Wonderful Buyer and, most definately, NOT a Rat Fink!
    15. Stella Maris is great to deal with! Great communication & just a general pleasure :D
      Thank you so much.
      Anna :D
    16. And, I'm back again with more ++++Feedback for Stella Maris! Awesome buyer! Good communication! THANKS!
    17. Stella helped me with getting my dreamed volks home, and I really can't say enough to thanks. she is wonderfoul person, patient and helpful. do not hasitate to make business with her! you won't be sorry :D
    18. Stella Maris just purchased another body from me & it was another smooth transaction! Great communication, fast payment, etc. Thanks again!
    19. Hi! Me, again back to leave more feedback for the wonderful Stella Maris! Awesome Buyer, but we know that already :) THANKS!
    20. stella was on my dollmore group order and she's great to work with. paid promptly and is very friendly!