Feedback for StellaMarigold

Jun 25, 2017

    1. I'd love to hear your feedback, which I hope will be very good, but let me know if I can do better! Thank you!
    2. StellaMarigold bought SID hands from me and it was very nice pleasant transaction! thank you!
    3. I sold a Bimong Dandelion head to Andrea. Excellent transaction - great communication and very fast payment!
    4. I bought an Argonautica Little Ifi from StellaMarigold and the transaction was awesome. Shipping was incredibly fast and the doll arrived just as described. Thanks so much!
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    5. StellaMarigold purchased a pair of hands from me. She was an excellent buyer with great communication and quick payment. I also really appreciated that she let me know immediately when the package arrived. Thanks so much!!
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    6. Andrea purchased a Dandelion head from me. The sale went perfect !! Great communication , letting me know as soon as she arrived~~ 5☆'s ~~
      Thank you and enjoy !
    7. I purchased a Dollshe Ausley Love from @StellaMarigold and I am so very pleased with her! She is very quick to respond to questions and I received the doll fast and in perfect condition.
    8. I sold a Dollshe Orijean faceplate to StellaMarigold and it was a great transaction. She was a pleasure to talk to, paid quickly and told me when it arrived. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks!
    9. StellaMarigold bought a Dollshe 26F bust part from me and he transaction was wonderful! Fast payment and friendly communications throughout - definitely recommend them as a buyer! <3
    10. I bought an Argonautica Little Ifi head from StellaMarigold and she was nothing but kind and courteous throughout the transaction. She even researched shipping options for me (as I am in Australia). The pacakage arrived safely and well wrapped!

      Thank you for the little bookmark too! Ifi will have a wonderful new home with me!
    11. StellaMarigold bought my Merry Doll Round Mousse. She was a pleasure to work with! Her communication was great and she paid quickly! She even let me know when Mousse arrived safely! I highly recommend her! Thank you for a great transaction!
    12. I bought an Ancient Tales Lolita and Merry Doll Round Mousse from StellaMarigold it was a great transaction. I sent her a message right before most everything was locked down. We agreed on price and payment plan, I sent her the first payment and at that time things went into lock down. I was a bit worried about health and losing my job maybe as a lot of people were getting laid off. So she was kind enough to pause the pay plan and offered to cancel the transaction and send my money back, but I did want the dolls so we agreed to wait. More stuff happened to delay things and she was so kind and patient about it. Things settled down a bit and I was able to finish the transaction, and she was able to send the dolls quickly.

      I would not hesitate to purchase from her again!
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