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Feedback for strawberrilori

Feb 19, 2010

    1. Feedback for me. ^^ Thank you in advance!
    2. Just had a wonderful transaction with strawberrilori :> Everything went smoothly.
      Will not hesitate to deal with you again!
    3. Strawberrilori took place in my Leeke Blind Wig GO and is a real sweetie... was always so thoughtful and let me know when her wigs arrived. I hope you enjoy them Dear!

    4. I recently traded my Beyla for strawberrilori's MNF Lishe. Everything went well and Lishe arrived to me in pristine condition. I definitely recommend her!
    5. Strawberrilori bought a dress from me and she is just wonderful to deal with! She is very patient and nice. Thank you!
    6. strawberrilori bought a domuya body from me. She was nice to talk with and her payment was sent as we agreed. Perfect buyer! Thank you again~
    7. I'm a little late leaving feedback ^^; but strawberrilori participated in an ImplDoll GO I ran this spring. As a participant, she was fantastic! Great communication, speedy payments, and a pleasure to have in the group. Thanks so much!
    8. I sold a wig to strawberrilori and she was fantastic! Quick payment, prompt PM's, and she let me know when it arrived so I wouldn't worry. Thanks again hon!
    9. strawberrilori joined my Soom Minette split and they were a great split member :3 Fast payment, and good communication, what more could I ask for? xD
    10. I did a faceup commission and a small mod for strawberrilori. She is super sweet and friendly. Communication was always prompt. I'd love to work with her again! :D
    11. I sold a pair of eyes to strawberrilori communication was great and payment was quick! Overall a successful transaction, thank you~
    12. I did another faceup for straeberrilori. As with last time, communication were great, she is friendly and very receptive to ideas.
      I look forward to working with her again! :D
    13. strawberrilori participated in my Happy Camille Group Order, was a pleasure to deal with, paid fast, great communication and very patient with the looooong wait from HC!

      Highly recommended! ^__^ thank you!!!
    14. I buy a body from strawberrilori. Everything was great. She is very nice, great communication and send me the body rly quickly :)
      Thank you!
    15. strawberrilori purchased some MSD apparel from me. Payment was quick and friendly. Could not have been better. Thanks!
    16. I sold some outfits to strawberrilori it was a perfect transaction. She was a great buyer thank you!
    17. Purchased a SOOM Sov from strawberrilori ^_^ Fast shipping and very well packaged! Thanks!

    18. strawberrilori purchased a wig from me.

      Payment was prompt and the transaction smooth.

      Thanks, and enjoy! ♥

    19. strawberrilori was in my FMD GO and was a joy to have! Prompt payer and put up with me very well, lol! Thank you! :aheartbeat