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Feedback for strawberryblossom

Nov 10, 2009

    1. strawberryblossom participated in my dollmore GO. They were a pleasure to work with and paid promptly and had wonderful communication! Thanks so much!
    2. she participated in my Dollmore GO, paid fast and was a pleasure to deal with!
    3. Strawberry bought a Volks MSD doll from me she did a short layaway with me and she was fantastic!!! paid on time no reminders no hassles great communication I highly recommend Very Smooth. :)
    4. Strawberry participated in my Dollmore GO.
      She paid quickly, had great communication and even let me know when her items arrived. I would love to do business with her again and I highly recommend her to others!

      Thank you so much for helping my GO run so smoothly.
    5. strawberryblossom participated in my Iplehouse group order and was a joy to have on board! She was always responsive when I sent out updates. She not only paid on time, but super quickly! And finally let me know when she got her items safely in the mail. I would gladly work with her again, and have her in my group order! Thanks for joining!
    6. Strawberryblossom participated in my Dollmore GO. Wow, what a pleasure to work with. Amazing communication and super fast payment. She let me know when her items arrived and always super responsive to any e-mails I sent.

      I'd gladly do business with her again and it goes without saying I'd recommend her to everyone as an amazing buyer.

      Thank you so much for helping make my GO run so smoothly. :D
    7. strawberryblossom did a partial trade with me -- I traded some eyes and cash for a lovely dress. The dress arrived quickly and just as described, and strawberryblossom was great to deal with. Thanks so much!
    8. I bought a AE Blueberry from strawberryblossom She arrived just as discribed and was well packaged! Communication was fantastic and it makes me reconfirm my faith in buying second hand dolls! Defianlly a person that anyone would love to buy from. Thanks so much!
    9. Sold strawberryblossom a Puki Lorelay - really nice, fast payment. Thank you and enjoy her!
    10. Strawberryblossom participated in my Leeke GO. Fast payment and friendly communication, I could not have had a more enjoyable GO as big as it was ^_^
      Thank you so much!
    11. I bought a necklace from strawberryblossom's etsy shop. She created a custom necklace based on my request and even added a free gift. The jewelry is lovely, communication was great, and shipping was quick. I would definitely do business with her again.
    12. Sold strawberryblossom a Puki Rococo chair; friendly, easy to deal with and fast payment. Thanks!
    13. Strawberry was in my Dollmore GO, and she is a real champ! Great communication, fast payments, the whole nine yards... Id love to do buisness with her again! :D
    14. I bought a Volks MSD suwaricco body from her, and it's absolutely wonderful! She also held the doll for me until I could get my funds together and shipped very quickly once I paid~
    15. strawberryblossom participated in my Iplehouse group order and helped make everything go smoothly and quickly. Payment was prompt and communication was friendly. I would certainly do more transactions with her in the future! Thanks so much!
    16. I bought Mihmi head and parts from Strawberryblossom and she was just great to deal with!
      Thank you again!!
    17. I bought a dollzone 1/4 body from Strawberryblossom, and she was just amazing. Incredibly quick to ship, very communicative, very friendly, and the body arrived in absolutely perfect condition.

      Thanks so much, again!
    18. I did a faceup commission for Strawberryblossom.
      She is a pleasure to work with and I'd love to work with her again!

      Thank you!
    19. Purchased a Puki Ruby from Strawberryblossom. She shipped her out promptly and just as described.