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Feedback for Strawbryshuichi

May 14, 2011

    1. Now that I'm starting more transactions on here, I think its time for this thread~!:aheartbea
    2. Strawbryshuichi bought a migidoll NS 2008 (type a) ryu head from me. She was the perfect buyer. She paid quickly, was very friendly and communicative, and let me know when the head arrived. Thanks!
    3. strawbryshuichi bought a dream of doll dream head from me. awesome communication, and she was very understanding when i got called into work and couldn't mail the head on the promised day. thank you for a wonderful transaction!
    4. Strawbryshuichi bought a Kid Delf Bory from me. The transaction was excellent and everything went smoothly. Thanks! Hope you enjoy! :D
    5. Strawbryshuichi did buy 3 heads and a body from me..she kept in touch and everything went smoothly!
    6. I bought a Fairyland PukiPuki Poseidon (Cupid) from Strawbryshuichi. He arrived in good condition and with a little dolphin friend. :) Thank you!
    7. I bought the Fairyland FeePle65 Chloe from Strawbryshuichi. She arrived today, I'm VERY happy with the purchase. Thanks!!
    8. I purchased a DZ Chen from Strawbryshuichi. Everything went very well, and I'm delighted with the results!