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~ Feedback for StreppyPoo ~

Feb 29, 2008

    1. Please leave feedback for me here! Selling or buying! Thanks~

    2. I sold a fur wig to StreppyPoo. Communication and payment was very prompt. Good transaction! :)
    3. StreppyPoo commissioned fur wig at my shop! Smooth transaction! Easy to deal with! Fast payment! Totally recommendable!
    4. SreppPoo brought my nintendo DS and I gave her an extra present:) great person to deal with and fast payment, hope to do business again soon;)
    5. I sold a body and a hoodie to StreppyPoo. Great communication and she's really friendly. :] The transaction went perfectly (my first real big one too), I highly recommend her!
    6. Streppy participated in a DOD go I managed on the Toronto board. She is awesome to deal with, lightening speed payment and great communication.
    7. Streppy bought a DOT Camine body from me. She is absolutely a pleasure to deal with. Fast payment and great communication. I highly recommend her!
    8. Streppy purchased a pair of eyes from me, paid quickly and let me know - with feedback and a PM - when they had arrived safely. Thanks!
    9. StreppyPoo bought Dollmore socks from me and the transaction went smoothly. Quick to pay and good communication. Thank you.
    10. Bought an eye (yes just one, what?) from StreppyPoo. She's awesome to deal with - friendly & communicative. Would definitely buy from her again :)
    11. I sold an MSD sized top to StreppyPoo and I was paid promptly and she was kind enough to let me know when all arrived safely. A++++ buyer to deal with! THANK YOU!
    12. Sold a pair of SD pants to StreppyPoo. Kept up great communication, prompt payment and an overall excellent transaction~!
      Thanks much ^^
    13. so i received the wig on monday
      but i didn't get my hands on it until today
      it took exactly 5 days to get here
      and she shipped the day after she got my payment

      the wig in also in great shape ^_^

      if i have the chance
      i will deffinatly do business with her again ^_^
    14. Streppy bought a Ryu head from me....great buyer! Thanks!
    15. I bought some clothes from StreppyPoo and she kept good communication and shipped quickly. Everything was lovely! Would definitely buy again. Thank you!
    16. Poo participated in my ED eyes GO and she was a pleasure to deal with! She paid promptly and let me know as soon as the package arrived. She's an excellent buyer!

      She also purchased a lingerie set for me. She was prompt in paying and again, a wonderful seller! Her pics of it were stunning! Thanks so much! :3
    17. StreppyPoo bought option hands from me.

      StreppyPoo really is a great pleasure to deal with.
      Excellent communication, prompt payment. Everything was perfect.
      Thank you very much for this great transaction :fangirl:

      I highly recommend StreppyPoo :aheartbea
    18. Catching up on feedback. :sweat

      Sold some optional hands to StreppyPoo. Great, smooth transaction. Would not hesitate to deal with again. :) Thank you!
    19. I was part of a Dollmore group order hosted by StreppyPoo. She was very good about communication and was exceptionally accommodating and flexible. Thank you for a great transaction, Poo! :D
    20. I purchased a DOT body from StreppyPoo. She was great to work with. Personable, friendly and super nice all around. She ships very fast and she packs items like little mummies. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again. Thanks StreppyPoo!