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Feedback for studio-BJD

Jul 31, 2009

    1. So how did studio-BJD do?

      My very first international customer! Studio-BJD bought a book from me--the transaction went smoothly and quickly. She is a very pleasant person. Thank you so much! :)
    2. Great customer! Fast payment, and a fun person to boot!
    3. bought clothes from me
      -smooth transaction
      -payment was quick
      -lets me know once it arrive

      thxs so much :)
    4. Studio-BJD bought a pair of boots from me.

      She paid promptly and was very nice to deal with.

      Thank you!
    5. Sold a head, wig to Studio-BJD and the transaction was excellent. Thank you
    6. I sold some SD Kitty Mary Janes + Dollmore Ange Necklace to studio-BJD, it was a very easy and pleasent transaction I'd be more then happy to work with her again.

    7. Super duper customer, again! Thanks! :D
    8. I sold some clothes to studio-BJD and the transaction went great!
    9. I sold a head to studio-BJD!

      Great buyer, communication was good, she let me know when the head got to her, payment was fast and it was an awesome transaction, all said and done.

    10. I organised a Dollmore group order and studio-BJD was a member. She paid promptly, was great to deal with and let me know when the items arrived. Thanks!
    11. More feedback for Studio from me. lol

      I really do love selling to this fantastic person. I made a mistake, and instead of getting upset, she laughed it off, and we came to a fast solution. Everything went like clockwork from there, and her dollie hops on naught but one shoe no longer!

      Wonderful person to do business with all around!
    12. studio_BJD was a member of myMNM Beast GO. She was great to deal with and I hope she is in love with her head. I hope we get to play together again some day
    13. Awesome buyer. Paid precisely when she said, and was wonderful to work with on a face-up.