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Feedback for Suliveyn

Jan 20, 2011

    1. Hello!
      If you have had deal with me, please leave feedbacks here!

    2. Suliveyn bought a MA body from me. Communication was great, payment was super fast! Suliveyn also let me know immediately after receiving the body! Thank you very much dear!!!
    3. Suliveyn purchased a Angel of Dream Qian (white) from me. She was very communicative and super fast with payment.
      I would highly reccommend Suliveyn to be part of future sales- she was so great to deal with!
      Hope you enjoy your new doll,
    4. I sold a DIM MiniMee Kamijo head to Suliveyn! Transaction was great. She's very nice and communicative, replied to PMs on a timely manner and payment was made swiftly! She also let me know when the head arrived to her. She's a great buyer and I'd not hesitate in dealing with her again. :3

      Thank you so much!! <3
    5. I sold to Suliveyn Jessica`s head from Iplehouse. he is vry good bueyr. Clear and responsible. Our deal was going very nice!
    6. Awesome DOA'er. Suliveyn purchased a Volks Sd Link head from me via layaway and was just super awesome to deal with Thank you again and hope you love your new boy. :) :D