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Feedback for SummerRaine

Jul 4, 2011

    1. Feedback for SummerRae:lol::aheartbea
    2. purchased my DOI Luke head.
      Was very patient as we wanted for a splitter, and was right on mark with her layaway payments.
      Also let me know right when the head arrived.
      Very pleased, would do buisness again :)
    3. I bought a 7-8 wig from SummmerRaine.​ It was well packed, shipped quickly and communication was great! I would definite recommend as seller. C:
      Thanks again! ♥
    4. I bought some Dod Doc fist hands from SummerRaine. They were shipped quickly and arrived safely. Communication was great as well~
      Thank you again!
    5. I bought a pair of glass eyes from SummerRaine and everything went smoothly. She's a great seller who I would definetely buy from again. :)
    6. I bought a pair of glass eyes from SummerRaine, communication was great and they were shipped promptly, recommended seller :)
    7. I bought a DZ Lankui from SummerRaine and it was a very easy, pleasant & problem-free transaction. Very nice seller and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again. Thank you! :)
    8. I bought a Dollzone Claire from Summerraine. We agreed on a decently long layaway because at the time I was strapped but really wanted the doll and she was compliant and kind. The communication was open, but a little bit staggered for my tastes, a few times I had to message her more than once, and a few times I considered contacting the mods. The doll took a long time to get shipped by owner, nearly a month before she shipped it. When it was shipped it was shipped via fedex and came quickly. In the end after I paid I was worried that she was not going to ship at all with the lack of communication and the length it took to ship. It was however a friendly and decent transaction.
    9. I bought a WS Karsh mnf from SummerRaine and she was so nice to deal with. thanks so much!!