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Feedback for Sunflower

Jun 26, 2010

    1. Please post your feedback for sunflower here.
    2. Sunflower commissioned me for 2 faceups, she sent the heads promptly, paid quickly and had excellent communication!
    3. Sunflower purchased 2 wigs from me, paid promptly and had great communication.
    4. I offered to airbrush one of sunflower's dolls tan and even though it didn't end up working out she was very understanding about the whole thing. She didn't hold it against me when I realized I didn't have time to do the job and was very nice and polite. I'm sorry it didn't work out but I don't regret working with her at all.
    5. I did a face up for sunflower ^ ^ She is so very pleasant to work with. She's very patient, and keeps in great communication <333 Thank you much for the chance to be able to paint your doll~ I recommend her to anyone : D