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Feedback for Sunuru

Aug 6, 2011

    1. If you've had a transaction with me before, post here and tell how it went. Thanks! ^_^
    2. Sunuru bought a BBB Li from me. She was a perfect buyer right from the start. She paid for priority shipping as well as insurance, and I'm so glad she did. Although the doll was packed well, she did arrive with a chip. Sunuru contacted me immediately to let me know about the problem. We discussed the issue and decided it would be best to make an insurance claim with the USPS. She kept me updated during the process and always let me know what I could do to help. The claim was approved of course, and everything worked out perfectly in the end.

      I would definitely do business again. Thank you!
    3. Sunuru adopted Oleaf Mary from me recently. The whole transaction from start to fininsh went well. Communication and payment were quick. Notification that she arrived safe and sound was received in a timely manner. Great buyer.:chocoberry:chocoberry:chocoberry
    4. I traded a DragonDoll Zhu head to Sunuru for a wig, eyes and some clothes. She was great to deal with, and I would be happy to do business with her in the future. Thanks for the trade!
    5. Sunuru purchased a DZ Raphael head and was awesome to deal with. Thanks so much! :)
    6. Su purchased a Dollzone Mo3 from me. She was super sweet to deal with and had excellent communication.
      She let me know as soon as he arrived. I'm glad that she is happy with her purchase.
      I would absolutely deal with her again. :thumbup:thumbup:cheer
    7. Sunuru purchased a dollie wig from me.

      Good communication, fast payment, and kept me posted on the arrival of her new item.
      Enjoy your new wig! :)
    8. Sunuru bought a JID boy body from me. She was very prompt with payment and communication. She also told me when he arrived safe and sound! Excellent buyer and highly recommended!!!

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    9. Sunuru bought my Souldoll Vito boy. She was very quick to respond to PMs and let me know when he arrived safe and sound. I would definitely recommend her as a buyer! Thanks again. :)
    10. Sunuru and I traded my Illusion Spirit Valentine head for a beautiful victorian outfit set. She was great to work with, held up her end of the bargain, and was super patient through the entire process. I would absolutely work with her again.
    11. Sunuru bought a doll from me. Everything went well, good communication through entire process. I will recommed her as buyer. :)
    12. Sunuru bought an Iplehouse's Tatiana from me. Everything went very smoothly, with quick payment and excellent communication. I would be happy to sell to her again anytime. :)

      Thanks again! :chocoberry
    13. [h=2]Sunuru bought a wig from me and she was great to work with, super communication!! Thank you!![/h]
    14. Very quick on the payment of the Cian Model delf body. Thank very much. Would work with again.
    15. Sunuru bought a Soom Rosette Muse Body from me. From the start she was excellent to work with, prompt with her payment, and was super patient with me when I was a day late shipping the body off. Overall I would absolutely work with her again :)
    16. I bought a Resinsoul Li head from Sunuru. She responded to PM's very quickly, and shipped the head out immediately. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Sunuru again!
    17. Bought an Only Doll MSD boy body from Sunuru. GREAT seller! Doll was well packed, communication was perfect and shipping was incredibly fast! I would definitely do business with them again!
    18. Sunuru bought an Iplehouse JID Model Boy Body from me, and everything went perfectly. Payment was very prompt and communication was excellent. I would definitely deal with them again!
    19. I purchased an Obitsu doll set from Sunuru and the transaction was flawless. I would be very happy to do business again with this awesome seller.

      highly recommend+
    20. I purchased a modded DollZone Mo from Sunuru- extremely helpful and worked with me so I got exactly what I wanted. Even included a sweet little note with my new friend when he arrived in the mail!

      I would definitely do business with this seller again, highly recommended!