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Feedback for surreality

Jul 5, 2008

    1. Since I'm in a few GOs at the moment, I guess it was time to put one of these up. You know the routine. :)
    2. Surreality purchased paintbrushes from me. She paid quickly and let me know when they'd arrived safely. She was very friendly and I would not hesitate to work with her again! :)
    3. Surreality participated in a MNM GO I hosted. She paid immediately, was very involved in conversations, and I have enjoyed talking with her. I hope I get another chance to hang out in a Waiting Room with her. :lol:
    4. Surreality took part in my Grey Spirit Doll GO and was a blast to work with! ;) Fast payments and frequent, much appreciated updates. I recommend her 100%!

      Thanks Surreality!!