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Feedback for Susan402

Apr 13, 2009

    1. Welcome to my feedback thread. Until there's stuff here to read, you might be reassured by my Etsy feedback.
      Thanks in advance.
    2. I purchased a Tender Elf Sha head from Susan and Highly reconmend her. Goods came well packaged exactly as pictured and she was a pleasure to make the transaction with. There was excelent communication and I would definatly purchase from her again. 5 star trader.
    3. Susan adopted my Yewon, and it was a perfect transaction! She paid super-fast, had great communication, and let me know right away when she arrived. Would love to do business with Susan again anytime!
    4. Susan402 was in recent Luts GO. She was a pleasure to work with, wonderful communication and fast payment! Would love to work with again!
    5. Susan bought an Iplehouse body from me. She was a wonderful buyer, great communication and prompt payment. All around an excellent transaction! :)
    6. Susan402 was in my Leeke GO. She is a great person to work with-- polite, serious and quick to reply :) Thank you!
    7. I sold a FDoll Victor and goodies to Susan. :) Amazing buyer. Very fast payment and wonderful communication. Would be willing to do business with again.
    8. Susan402 bought a Bobobie Sprite girl from me, and was so very prompt in her payment and very patient when UPS shipped the doll to the wrong address. Happily, it ended with the neighbor giving the package to her. She was the picture perfect customer! :3
    9. Susan402 bought an MSD wig from me~

      She paid super quickly and kept great communication!! =D
      I would do business with her again!

      Thank you!
    10. I bought a Bobobie Sprite head. She answered to my PMs very quickly and shipped the head fastly and completely safe. Very good, as good as to make a pact with her another time.

      Thank you!!
    11. Susan brought a doc head from me. Great communication and fast transaction.
      Thank you!
    12. Susan ordered my Lati Blue Rucas for me. She was terrific to work with and really patient and informative with a "newbie" collector.

      Thank you!
    13. Susan and I did a split ffrom Asleep Eidolon ^.^ She was a joy to work with, I love my new girl. Would not hesitate to deal with her again.
    14. susan402 participated in a group order I ran. She paid quickly and had great communication. highly recommended.
    15. She bought a D.O.C. long legged boy body off of me. She was a pleasure to work with and was always prompt and polite with all messeges.

      Highly recommended
    16. Susan402 was a wonderful participant in my Leekeworld group order. All invoices were paid quickly and communication was always friendly and prompt.