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Feedback for sushi77

Feb 4, 2010

    1. Hi,
      i've only just started to sell things on here and would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks :)
    2. I bought a Dollfactory pet ari Pepe Panda from sushi77.

      The transaction was FANTASTIC!

      She was super quick with communication, mailed Pepe promptly and packed him well. I would not hesitate to do any transactions with sushi77 in the future.

      Thanks so much sushi77, Miss Otter is thrilled to have a house mate!!
    3. I bought a DollZone fox from sushi77. She was very friendly and nice to deal with and the transaction was perfect in any way. The doll was shipped very fast, it was exactly as decribed and it was pacaged both securely and in a very cute way. I wouldn't hesitate to do bussiness with her again. Thanks Sushi! :)

    4. Purchased a NS PF Ante SP from sushi77 that is fantastic. :dance Great communication. Excellent shipping. Joy to do business wtih. Highly recommend. Thanks.

    5. I just receved sushi-77's beautiful mystic miel from sushi-77 for trade with my coming pirate miel, the doll is quite beatiful and I am quite happy with my new little girl, I will also ship her pirate miel as soon as I received from latidoll~!
    6. So later but i bought a Pukifee Ante NS, she was so patient and sent me the Ante in perfect conditions. Perfect comunication and shipping.
    7. Claire has bought one of my locket pendants for BJDs and the transaction was really perfect - the contact is super nice!

      i totally recommend her <3

    8. Clare or sushi77 rocks!!I purchased some fun bubbles and a lati wig from her this past week, as usual the transaction was fun, polite, quick and overall PERFECT!!

      Thanks so much again!

      sushi77 is a great seller!!
    9. I adopted a cute little BJD from Clare. My little girl arrived safe and well-protected. Clare was such a sweetie throughout the whole transaction, too. Everything went super-smooth. Thanks Clare!!
    10. I purchased a pair of MSD Bambicrony boots from sushi77 aka Clare and it had been a wonderful transaction. Communication was great, she replied quickly and was very friendly all the way. She shipped the shoes like she had mentioned, and they arrived safely! I recommend her as a seller.
    11. I bought a beautiful Lati girl from sushi77. It was a perfect transaction. Great communication and superfast shipping. She is a wonderful seller. Thank you!
    12. sushi77 is lovely to deal with, my doll is beautiful and every thing went soo smoothly
      thank you so much claire its been great xx
    13. I bought a DoD Lünn from sushi77. She was an absolute dear to deal with and the doll is exactly as described. Thank you so much.