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Feedback for susy in ontario

Sep 15, 2010

    1. Please post all transactions with SUSY IN ONTARIO here.

      If you need to see my Ebay feed back, it's under susydoll

      Thank You!
    2. SUSY IN ONTARIO bought a gray SD Leeke wig from me. Communication was friendly, and she let me know when the wig had arived.
    3. SUSY IN ONTARIO bought a braided wig from me. She was friendly, prompt, and had great communication! A thoroughly pleasant international transaction!
    4. SUSY IN ONTARIO bought a blonde wig from me~ She was very sweet and amazing to deal with. Very friendly and polite in all of her PMs, she paid on time and kept up communication~ A great transaction and a wonderful buyer! Thank you so much!!
    5. Susy bought an IH wig from me. it was a good transaction, payment was fast and communication good. I'd definitely do business with her again
    6. Susy bought a volk's doll wig from me and paid promptly with great communication! Thank you for a great transaction!
    7. Susy bought a pair of DH shoes from me. It was smooth transaction~ I'd happily work with her again. ^^
    8. SUSY bought a head from me. The transaction was nice and smooth, and a good communication. Thank you! :)
    9. Susy bought two Leekeworld wigs from me. We had a smooth transaction, and she was very lovely to chat with. Thanks! :)
    10. SUSY bought an outfit set from me. It was a pleasant transaction ^^ thank you again.
    11. susy in ontario bought a f01 from me,she was a delightful buyer,paid when promised and let me know as soon as she arrived,i hope you love your new girl as much as i did :)
    12. Susy participated in one of my recently group order. She is very friendly, great in communication and had a wonderful transaction with her. She even take the time to let me know she received the package safely. Thanks so much once again and definitely love to deal with her again~! :D
    13. susy bought some wigs and dress items from me,as always lovely buyer to deal with,thank you
    14. SUSY IN ONTARIO bought a dress from me, quick payement, quick communication !
      thank you very much !!!!!!!!!
    15. was a part of my Leeke Go and i would welcome her back any time. everything whent smothly and she paid quickly.
    16. Susy in Ontario bought a Pare Ideal dress from me. She sent the e-check on the day she promised that she would. Thank you. Good buyer. ^^
    17. Susy commissioned an outfit from me and was super nice throughout. All communication was prompt and friendly and she paid right away. I'd definitely do business again. Thanks! :)
    18. Susy joined my Luts GO & she was a wonderful participant. The transaction went smoothly & her payments were quick. Lovely to deal with! Thank you <3
    19. Fast payment and good communication

      My apologies on the late delivery on your items
    20. Susy in Ontario purchased some dresses from me. She sent payment via e-check on the day she promised and let me know as soon as the dresses arrived. Thank you for smooth transaction.