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Feedback for SuzyStretch

Jan 11, 2007

    1. To those who have had a transaction with me, please leave a comment below!
    2. I just bought a pair of very awesome boots from SuzyStretch; the transaction was very speedy and smooth. Thanks!
    3. One of the sweetest girls ever. ^^
      Very fast payment and lovely contacts through PM's. Notified me when the item was received~

      A great buyer and highly recommended!
    4. Awesome international buyer! Prompt payment, good communication and all that other stuff. Highly recommended. ^_^
    5. Another great transaction from my end.. thank you! :D
    6. Participated in their Iplehouse Group order and got my items today. Very swift, and in fine condition. ^^ Thanks for letting me participate~
    7. I participated in the Iplehouse group order SuzyStretch organized. Very well put together, she made sure we were always updated, and I got my items very quickly. :) Thank you!
    8. I was also in SuzyStretch's IH group order, and it went really well. All the orders I came across was US/Canada only, but Suzy let me join anyway. Thanks so much, I'll check in next time I want to join an order;)
    9. I bought a wig from SuzyStretch, great communication and super fast shipping! Highly recommended!! Thanks a lot!
    10. I participated in SuzyStretch's Iplehouse group order, and she was very sweet, and great at keeping us updated! Highly recommended!
    11. SuzyStretch bought a doll from me. She was very prompt with payments and replies. Thanks again! :D
    12. I received some Awesome wigs from an Iplehouse Group order that Suzystretch ran. She was Very Professional with Great Communication in runing the Group order. I would love to join any future Groups she may run. Thank You Suzystretch
    13. Sold a pair of pants to SuzyStretch, and she was great to work with. Hope to deal with her again! :)
    14. Suzy is a great customer -- she's always very friendly and polite in PMs, and pays promptly as well! Thanks for your support, Suzy, I hope we'll get to deal again in future. :D
    15. I was involved in a Dollmore group order that SuzyStretch ran!

      She was very professional and friendly. I'd certainly do business with her again.
    16. I was in on the Dollmore group order. She was very good at keeping us up to date on the order, was prompt and polite as well! Thanks so much!
    17. I took part in a Dollmore group order run by Suzy--smooth transaction and no problems. Thanks!
    18. Also participated in suzystretch's dollmore order and she ran it wonderfully~ Would love to join another order with her in the future! Thank you :3
    19. Sold a T-shirt to Suzystretch, paid fast, was wonderful to deal with! I look forward to deal with her again!^w^
    20. just received a wig i purchased from her ^^ great seller, thanks so much! i highly recommend