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Feedback for Swas

Mar 29, 2007

    1. Hey all, my feedback goes here :)
    2. Swas bought 2 pair eyes from me and paid fast, great person to deal with!
    3. swas bought an outfit from me and she's pleasure to deal with!! :) Great communication and prompt payment! Thank you!! ^^
    4. Swas did a lovely faceup for my boy. She was timely, responsive, accomidating and unphased by my ridiculous demands. ^__^
    5. aaww! thanks totchi, your demands were not ridiculous! You were my first customer and I felt bad that you have to try out my face-ups. Thanks, you're so sweet ^^
    6. commisioned a faceup from Swas. She's a very nice person to work with, quick with replies and a real sweetie. BUY FROM HER!
    7. Although I was unable to complete the transaction and had to decide not to go through with it, swas was very pleasant to deal with. We were both able to come to an understanding and she was prompt about giving me a refund. She is very friendly and always polite.
    8. Swas Purchased some Tibetan Wigs from me. She was great to work with, Very Friendly. Thank You!
    9. I bought a pair of msd pants from Swas. The pants are well made and really lovely. They were shipped really quickly and the whole transaction went smoothly. It was a pleasure to deal with Swas.
    10. Swas purchased a Dollstown head from me, payment was sent promptly.
      Communication was friendly.. Thank you!