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Feedback for Sweet Creations

Apr 17, 2008

    1. Sweet Creations bought a Domuya Flexibody from me. Communication was great, and payment was prompt. Overall a pleasure to do business with, and I would gladly do business again. ^_^
    2. Bought a domuya sophie head form me. Was very friendly and understanding with my slightly late shipment due to being a tad ill at the time. A pleasure to do business with. :D
    3. Purchased two outfits from Sweet Creations. Both very well made and nicely finished. Great communication and fast shipping. Would not hesitate to purchase from Connie again and I highly recommend her for dolly goods.
    4. Thank you Connie for an awesome and beautifully made outfit for Eswyn! She loves it!
    5. I commissioned a Volks Msd corset, sleeve puffs and poet shirt from Sweet Creations. She answered all my questions and asked for several measurements since she did not have access to the doll model I own. The items arrived perfect. The fit was great. They are well made and well tailored. I definitely will be ordering again. Shipping was quick.
    6. Adding Photo of my Volks Msd f-13 wearing white corset and puff sleeves from Sweet Creations.
      I just love this look.
    7. Came back for more from Sweet Creations.

      I commissioned 2 corset style vests and 3 corsets for my Volks Msd. Also a poet shirt. Sweet Creations is a high quality seamstress. I loved working with her on fit and fabric choices.

      Her pieces are made well with a great fit. Separate puff sleeves are a nice added touch. The vests and corsets are lined and can be reversible. Here are a few photos!

      Brown Vest with Yellow Poet shirt on Volks Msd F-13.

      The reverse of the Brown vest is this Paisley print.

      Dark Green Vest with White Poet Shirt on Volks Msd boy Schulze.

      Green Flowers Corset on Msd Toppi

      The reverse of Green Flowers corset is the light green stripe on Msd Toppi
    8. Purchase three darling sundresses and bloomers from Sweet Creations. Very well made clothing. Good communication and would purchase from her again. Thank You
    9. I commissioned Connie "Sweet Creations" a full outfit for a doll on order, she did a great job with a ghost doll as model!!!!
      Thank you!