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Feedback for sweetchan

Aug 29, 2008

    1. Hi everyone~

      Kindly leave a feedback for me if i made any dealings with you~~ :D

      Thanks~!! :)
    2. Sweetchan purchased a pair of pants from me. She paid very quickly and was wonderful with communication. Thanks for a great transaction~
    3. I sold panda T-shirt and Honey bear pajama to sweetchan . very smooth transaction.^^
      Good buyer.
    4. I sold a Nanuri 07 head to sweetchan and it was a wonderful transaction! She was very friendly and polite in all her PMs and also prompt with payment and all communication! =) Thanks again!
    5. Sweetchan has bought a head from me and is an excellent buyer. Paid instantly and very smooth communication. Thank you very much!
    6. sweetchan bought a minimee boy body from me. She paid with lightening speed
      and let me know as soon as he arrived. A really perfect transaction!:aheartbea:aheartbea
    7. Sweetchan bought my Breakaway 2008 and was a pleasure to deal with - friendly and prompt in paying. Thanks! I would definately deal with Sweetchan again :)
    8. I bought an accesorie from SWEETCHAN and all the transaction was perfect and very friendly. Thanks for all. :)
    9. Patricia did a little mini group order, well in fact she ordered a Drayton head and was so helpful and wonderful as to order me one too as I was being a goof ball in working the site:).
      He was posted out super quick and generously from one bit of Australia to another. What an angel sweetchan is,(oh and Drayton of course):D.
      Hope we have lots of random transactions in the future.

    10. sweetchan bought K-Doll NS Karon head from me. Not only she was prompt with PMs, she also paid very quickly and was very kind. I am very very happy with my transaction with her. Thank you again!!
    11. sweetchan joined my Musedoll GO, and everything went great!
      Paid promptly with no drama. Absolutely wonderful! :D Thank you again!
    12. sweetchan bought doll outfits from me. Great transcation with prompt payment, thanks!
    13. Wonderful buyer - prompt payment and sweet in PMs.^_^
      Thanks sweetchan!
    14. I bought a MSdoll Drayton #2 from Sweetchan, and it's probably been the best transaction I have ever had so far : communication was easy and friendly, and shipping was fast, but Sweetchan also added 3 beautiful wigs as gifts :o. Who else does that ?
      She's a wonderful and reliable seller ! I would gladly do business with her again, and I highly recommend her :)

      Thanks again, Sweetchan !
    15. sweetchan bought a pair of Hitasura jeans from me and was wonderful to deal with. Quick, polite PMs, paid promptly and let me know when they arrived. Would not hesitate to do business again. Thanks!
    16. I had a great transaction selling sweetchan four fur wigs. She was quick with payment and communication, lovely to talk to, and let me know as soon as they arrived. Thank you, sweetchan!
    17. I bought two k-doll heads from sweetchan and the whole transaction was really good!! n_n She was very friendly and quick to reply to PMs. The heads arrived here super well packed too!! She was great to do business with and I fully recommend her to anyone n_n
    18. Sweetchan bought a Minimee bod from me and was just a perfect buyer. :) Prompt with communication and payment, and all round a lovely person to deal with. May we bump into each other on the marketplace again some day. :aheartbea
    19. I had a wonderful transaction with sweetchan (who bears her name perfectly! :D ). She bought several doll items from me and requested EMS shipping to her. She understood that this method was very expensive to ship from Canada to her country, and was very happy that her items arrived quickly and safely!
      I would do business with her again, anytime! :chocoheart
    20. sweetchan purchased a pair of DIM headphones from me and couldn't have been better. Great communication, fast payment, very friendly. Definitely recommended :)