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Feedback for Sweetpoition

Dec 2, 2008

    1. If you had a transaction with me.
      Please post your feedback here :)
    2. My Kyo Minimee Head came today! I was very happy to get him. I recieved free gifts and I enjoy talking and dealing with Sweet. I reccomand her to anyone.

      ^^ Thank you soooo much! (has dream doll head now) :aheartbea
    3. sweetpoition bought a pair of hooves from me. Fast communication and prompt payment, very friendly and kind, the transaction process is very smooth and it's really enjoyable to communicate with her. :) <333
      Definitely a recommended buyer~! Wish to deal with her again in the future~! :)
    4. I made a trade with sweetpoition and she is a nice person to communicate with :'D
      She's absolutely reliable and gives good information about everything concerning the doll and stuff ^^
      I highly recommend her for good tradings!!!

      Thank you very much ^______^