Feedback for sweetpumpkinpiex

Jul 3, 2019

    1. I didn't see any other threads for this person, so I'm making one!

      I'm leaving flaky feedback for user sweetpumpkinpiex.

      They agreed to buy my ellana and gave me a date that they could pay. The day prior to when their payment was due, they told me they were not going to follow through with the sale. This is after their agreement to my price, after telling me that they were going to buy my doll and after giving me their PayPal information. I am not a fan of those willing to waste the time of others and will not be doing business with this person again, thank you!
    2. Sweetpumkinpiex bought my Peach Skin Ellana. We agreed on a 5-month layaway, but she ended up paying within 5 days. The transaction was pleasant and the communication was courteous and frequent. It was a pleasant transaction through and through.