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Feedback for Swifteh

Feb 10, 2009

    1. If you've bought, traded, sold, etc from/with me~ leave some feedback ^^
    2. I bought a dollheart black Sakura dress from Swifteh ^__^ everything was great, fast shipping and top notch communication . Thank you !!
    3. I purchased a Puki PongPong from Swifteh - fast shipping, great communication!
    4. Swifteh participated in my Dollmore GO. She was lovely to work with and everything ran very smoothly. Thanks!
    5. Swifteh was in my SOOM group order. She was patient and pays quickly.
      Nice person to work with. Thank you for participating in my group order! :)
    6. Swifteh signed up for my Glass Eyes group order and everything went through smoothly. She's a great participant and I wouldn't mind working with her again in the future at all. :D Recommended~~

      :clover Thankies!! :clover
    7. I bought a KURUMI DP.20 Ver. from Swifteh.

      Fast shipping. and she is warmhearted to help me with the head plate things.

      however, thanks a lot.
    8. Bought Dollmore Bedding. Was a pleasure to deal with! would buy from again! Communication was great, shipped in a good time.
    9. Hosted excellent NDoll GO - everything done smoothly and professionally. Thanks so much. Cheryl
    10. I also participated in Swifteh's NDoll GO. It went very smoothly and everything was received successfully. Communication was great. Thanks again!
    11. Participated in Swifteh's NDoll GO, and everything went great!
      Kept everyone informed, and everything arrived safely and quickly.

      Thanks again!:aheartbea
    12. Sold a Bambicrony Gun to Swifteh. Payments came fast, communication was excellent and it was all around a great transaction. ^_^
    13. Purchased Glati's resin pieces (wings, horns, hooves) from Swifteh and they arrived in a timely manner and very well packed. Communication was great and would not hesitate to do business with again.
    14. Swifteh participated in a Soom Amber split, she was the perfect member. good communication, prompt payment..... great buyer.
    15. Purchased a doll from Swifteh. She arrived well-packed and in great condition!
    16. Swifteh was in my Soom split and was just wonderful to work with! :)

      Thanks again!
    17. Swifteh is a great seller! got my item just as described!
    18. Swifteh participated in my fourth Glass Eyes and my second Canvas Shoes orders and was more than wonderful on both accounts. It's always been a pleasure working with her~

      :bcake:pcake Thank you! :pcake:bcake
    19. Purchased Gun from Swifteh. Was super nice in her communications, shipped Gun quickly, and was overall just great. Thank you very much!! Gun will be happy here with his Bambicrony family. :)
    20. Was in a split for a Soom MD Iv wig and Eliv limited eyes. Good communication and the items arrived yesterday safely and without a problem. No worries here. :)