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Feedback for Sybilla

Aug 4, 2008

    1. I hope I'm doing this right. I'm putting a feedback thread here for myself. I'll probably be adopting lots of sweeties from everyone here!: :D
    2. Sybilla bought my Lucy doll and was super prompt on payment. Emails were great too.I feel I made a friend too.I would not hesitate to buy or sell to her one bit. Thumbs up from me !!!
    3. Sybilla purchased a WS Lucy doll from me & was very prompt in both answering my PMs & sending payment. It was a lovely transaction all around & I recommend her highly!
      Thank you Tammi :D
    4. Sybilla bought a doll from me and had great communication and was quick to pay. Thank you!!
    5. Sybilla bought a Naripon Periwinkle from me. It was an excellent transaction, she paid fast and was very friendly. Thanks!!
    6. Sybilla bought my Honey Delf Pudding. :) The transaction was smooth, and she was very patient when i was having MSC issues :( But the transaction went wonderfully, and i hope that any future dollies i have that need a home catch her attention! :)
    7. I sold Sybilla my Domuya Pottpourri. It was the fastest smoothest transaction ever! Sybilla was a real pleasure to deal with!
    8. Sybilla bought an Ange Ai Hani from me, she paid fast and has excellent communication it was a smooth and pleasant transaction. Thanks!!
    9. Sybilla bought a tiny sized wig off me. she was quick to deal with and super nice.
    10. Sybilla just bought my Banji Girl and it was a great transaction and wonderful to talk to. Would do business again. Thank you so much for prompt payment and our talks. :)
    11. Sybilla just purchased a doll from me on Layaway. Her communications were friendly and professional and consistent. She kept to her word on her time frame and was a breeze to deal with! i would gradely sell to her again!!! <3
    12. Sybilla bought one of my dolls, and was super-nice to talk to ^-^ She made very prompt payment. No problems, would definitely do business with her again :D Thank you!!! A+++++ :);)
    13. I sold Sybilla my Beryl body. She was so sweet throughout the entire transaction! She paid immediately, and let me know when the package arrived. I would highly recommend her, and I would do business with her again in a heart beat!

      Thanks for such a great transaction!
    14. I sold a doll head to Sybilla. She paid immediately and is a real sweetheart to boot. :) I'd certainly do business with her again. Thank you~!
    15. Sybilla bought a pair of eyes from me and was just wonderful! she has great communication and paid immediately. great buyer, id do business with her again!!

      thank you! <3
    16. XD I had another great transaction with Sybilla -- sold her a doll body -- and everything was smooth as could be. :3 Definitely a recommended buyer! Thanks again! :D
    17. Sybilla purchased a clockwork modded head from me and was an utter joy to deal with. Wonderfully nice person, paid fast, great communication, recommended buyer 100%. Thank you so very much. :D
    18. i sold a cute little Resinsoul Pup to Sybilla, she is a doll..... quick to pay, and just all around darling..... a highly recommended buyer.
    19. Sybilla and i traded 'Soom monthly' heads. We did this when the Soom monthly was released. Therefore the transaction took over six months to complete. There was no problem whatsoever. I am thrilled that a tiny portion of her doll family has now become part of mine. xx! 'billa :) , thank you :):) .
    20. Sybilla bought a Soom outfit from me. Not only was she patient during the long shipping wait and kept in contact, but paid promptly when I finally received. Thanks for a smooth transaction!