Feedback for Sylvester

Nov 11, 2018

    1. This is the feedback thread for Sylvester
      Feel free to leave your feedback here! ;)
    2. I commissioned Sylvester for a face-up and I couldn't be happier with the results. My doll looks exactly as I envisioned and the work done is stunning and professional. Communication was prompt and the process went by smoothly.

      I would be happy to commission Sylvester again in the future! Thank you!
    3. I commissioned Sylvester for two face-ups. He was wonderful, good communication, and made beautiful faces out of my vague requests!! The work he did is absolutely stunning, my boys look incredible!! Thanks again!!
    4. Sylvester did the face-up for my boy, and I'm totally in love with the face-up. I will come to Sylvester again for their face-up skill :)

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    5. I commissioned Sylvester for a face-up and was very impressed with how professional and easy the process was! My boy arrived back home yesterday and I'm so in love with him. Absolutely gorgeous! I will be back soon and hope you can paint my other boys too!

      Sorry for iPhone photo :sweat

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    6. I commissioned Sylvester for a face-up and I couldn't be happier! He was easy and friendly to work with and of course his work is BEAUTIFUL. I'm so happy my doll finally feels like who she is supposed to be and it couldn't have been possible without Sylvester's beautiful artwork!
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    7. Commissioned a faceup from Sylvester and I am honestly so dang happy with what he did. He took a sad, confused girl and turned her into exactly what I wanted. Communication was great, time frame was fantastic, and shipping was fast! I will absolutely be commissioning him again in the future. <3
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    8. I commissioned Sylvester for a face-up on my Switch Gyoha. His work is very beautiful and he did an amazing job on the tattoo I requested! The whole process was pleasant; excellent communication, package was shipped quickly and arrived back safely. My boy looks absolutely gorgeous. Thanks! :)
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    9. Prompt response and fast turn around, the face up looks beautiful. Thank you!
    10. I commissioned Sylvester for 4 faceups on my Soulkid crew and I'm so happy! Great communication, fast work time and very friendly. Can't wait to commission him again for an incoming girl.
    11. I purchased a wig from Sylvester. Communication was excellent, shipping was prompt and the wig arrived in great condition, exactly as described. I highly recommend Sylvester as a seller!
      Thank you again for such a pleasant transaction!
    12. I commissioned Sylvester again for a face-up on my Switch Somnia boy and one again he did a great job! We hit a snag with Canada returning my package and he graciously offered to cover return shipping the second time around. I have many dolls but the ones Sylvester has painted are my favorites (shh don't tell the other ones :XD:)

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    13. I commissioned Sylvester for a face-up and I really happy with the result! His work is beautiful <3
    14. Recently commissioned Sylvester for two faceups and have loved the results! He responds to email quickly and is positive and understanding about my requests. Will definitely recommend him to anyone wanting faceups!
    15. I commissioned Sylvester for doing a custom faceup on my Nefer Kane Moon doll and I adore the results so much! He is very easy to work with, highly responsive, and does beautiful work! I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for beautiful, professional-level faceups for their dolls!
    16. POSITIVE
      I bought a Pygmalion Doll Ha head in Sand Beige with a faceup from Sylvester.
      Communication was quick and they sent out the head fast as well.
      Very nice to deal with and would recommend as a seller.!
    17. POSITIVE

      I commissioned Sylvester to faceup my Impldoll Tony and am so thrilled with the results. The commission process was very smooth and easy, I was able to make suggestions and got responses to questions in a timely manner. I was also kept up to date on the process and shipping when the time came. The head arrived safely packed and quickly considering COVID delays. Highly recommend!
    18. I was interested in a large Iple body from Sylvester and after a few posts back and forth to iron out the details, I paid for it. The doll body was shipped almost immediately and reached me in just a few days. It was very well packed and in fantastic shape. I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase!
      I would very much recommend anyone to buy from Sylvester and would do so myself again in a heartbeat.:aheartbea
      Thanks again!!