Feedback for Sylvin

Dec 8, 2007

    1. If anyone has had any transactions with me, please leave feedback here.

    2. Sylvin purchased an item from me - communication was great & payment was quick. Would love to sell to again. :)

      Thanks again! ^_^
    3. Had a great transaction with Sylvin, wonderful communication and very pleasant to deal with
    4. Had a great transaction with Sylvin, she bought my Batchix hound shirt, and had great communication and paid quickly! thanks again!
    5. Bought a wig from Kris, was shipped fast and in great condition, thanks!
    6. Sylvin commisioned me for a hoodie, she paid quickly and was great in communication (and still is :D, I love to chat with her ^^) I highly reccomend her as a partner in business and as a friend ^^ Thanks
    7. Sylvin was very nice and convenient to work with. I bought some Ajumapama Hot Pink SD Boots from her and she held them for me nicely for a week so I could purchase later. :) After payments were made she was very nice and fast to ship out, got here in only a few days, wonderful condition. Thank you dear <3.

    8. I sold some Dollheart shoes to sylvin and the transaction was fast and smooth. She was kind and kept up great communication the entire time. Thanks so much!
    9. I purchased an Elfdoll female body from Sylvin and and everything went perfectly. She was so understanding and a joy to deal with. Definitely would do business with her again.
    10. Sylvin sold me a beautiful SD-sized dress for a great price, and it arrived promptly and in wonderful condition. She was also very sweet to deal with. :)

      I'm VERY happy with our transaction, I'd definitely do business with her again!
    11. Paid fast, great communication and very friendly buyer! ^__^ Thanks for making it easy! :aheartbea
    12. A very sincere buyer with prompt payment. Would love to deal with her again!
    13. Sylvin purchased a dress and some shoes from me. She was pleasant, courteous, and prompt in communication and payment. :D
      I highly recommend her as a buyer! :goldstar:goldstar:goldstar
    14. Sold a pair of white capris to Sylvin... lovely to deal with, paid promptly, and was very understanding of Michigan's VERY BAD weather!!!!

      Thank you so much!
    15. Sold a pair of black MSD sized boots to Sylvin.
      Quick payment, and great communication.

      Thanks so much!
    16. I sold some items to her and she is a total wonderful buyer. Very fast with payment, good communication and wonderful to deal with! Thank you! :D
    17. I bought a doll from her, and she was wonderful to work with! Always very positive with very good response time for communication and for sending the doll. I love the doll! She's a keeper. Thanks Kris! You made the experience quite fun. :-)
    18. Sylvin sent me an SD sized top and it arrived very quickly. Great care was also taken in the packaging. I would buy from her again. She was also very positive and kept up great communication. Thank you!
    19. Sylvin bought a pair of sneakers from me... a smooth deal we had and I am so happy with it. Fast payment and very friendly too. ^_^

      For sure recommended her to everyone...^_^
    20. I bought a pair of surf shorts from Sylvin. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with. I would definately recommend her as a seller. :3