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Feedback for syndrome

Mar 10, 2010

    1. I recently have a transaction with syndrome but I haven't found her feedback thread yet, so I start one. ^_^

      I sold YOSD body to syndrome and she's a good buyer.
      Transaction went smoothly and she paid promptly.

      Thank you so much!
    2. I sold syndrome an Alice Cherry Blossom. She was an excellent buyer. Good with communicating, prompt payment, and she let me know as soon as the doll arrived. It was a very positive transaction.

      Thank you!
    3. syndrome bought a blank Tedros head from me. ^^
      Paid promptly, and let me know when it arrived.
      A good and reliable buyer. ^^ Thank you so much!
    4. syndrome participated in my Iplehouse SID Lee Split, and everything went flawlessly. Payment was made quickly, communication was excellent, and she let me know the moment that Lee reached her. Recommended!
    5. I bought a LUTS Summer 2010 JDF2 Event Head from Syndrome.
      She was patient and helpful with my many questions ^^; Fairly refunded me some shipping when she found out it costs less than was estimated, and the shipping was extra-quick! Thank you very much!
    6. Syndrome bought a Volks doll set from me and handled everything above board!
      This was a good transaction!
    7. Bought a sd13 body from Syndrome. She was quick in her replies and tried her best to answer the questions I had. Item was shipped really fast too! Recommended seller! Would love to deal with you again :)
    8. I bought a Ricky17 body from Syndrome on a short layaway. She replied quickly to my questions and item was shipped securely packaged. There was some info about the sale that were not disclosed initially though I understand being new to selling on the forum and abit of trouble with the shipping (Not her fault.). Overall, a smooth transaction and I got a great looking body! Thank you!
    9. I bought a very special Volks head from syndrome and he arrived on March 8th!!!!!
      She let me do a layaway, we had great communication and she shipped him in a
      few days after sending final payment. He was packed very well with lots of bubble
      wrap, which I'm grateful for since his box arrived smooshed in on one end, not her
      fault!!, it was clearly abused in transit :sweat But he was safe and sound and lovely:D

      Thank you again for letting me bring this gorgeous boy home:aheartbea
    10. sold to Syndrome and the transaction was perfect. Paid promptly and good communication all the way to delivery of a large SD16 girl.
    11. Syndrome participated in my very first Marketplace Split! She paid promptly and was very friendly and patient while waiting for Rosette shipping. I would very gladly do business with Syndrome again

      Thanks again <3
    12. I bought a head from Syndrome, and it arrived quickly and was exactly as described! Excellent transaction from start to finish. :)