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Feedback for Synn Journeys

Apr 1, 2010

    1. So!!! Seeing as I intend on selling items now it would be most important to have a feedback thread!!
    2. I bought a PukiPuki body from Synn and the transaction couldn't have been better!! She sent her out right away and stayed in contact with me until she knew that the body came to me safely. :)

      The body was in great shape and looked just like the pictures she sent to me :D I would definitely do business with her again and would recommend her to everyone!

      Thanks so much Synn! :aheartbea
    3. I bought a pair of SD17 pants from Synn, and all went smoothly. Thanks again!
    4. I bought some eyes from Synn Journeys. Communication was great and shipping speedy. Couldn't be better. Thanks. Cheryl
    5. I bought a Bobobie Elena from Synn Journeys... Communication was wonderful, good price, the doll arrived exactly as described, and it's been a pleasure buying here. ^.^ I am very happy with my doll.
    6. Bought some Soom Iv Caudal fins from Synn! :) She was very friendly to deal with; thanks very much!
    7. I bought a NS puki body from Synn! The transaction was awesome; she tolerated my many, many questions with fabulous patience and shipped out quickly. Thank you so much!! ^^
    8. I bought the most AWSOME Mohair wig from Synn Journeys! it was a steal of a price! & it is now my new favorite wig! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!:D:D:D
    9. I just made a wonderful transaction with Synn Journeys a fair price for some puki items. Great commications all the way, fast shipping, and a friendly DoAer. I would totally deal with Synn Journeys again!
    10. Synn Journeys sold me her Vesuvia wig at a fair price and shipped it right away, great communication and was very friendly to deal with! Thanks again for helping me obtain my goal of making my girl a full set!
    11. Synn Journeys sold me Heliot's Bow and Arrow, and it shipped fast and arrived just as pictured! I would definitely deal with this seller again ^.^
    12. Synn Journeys sold me a Chalco wig at a very reasonable price . was also very friendly,a pleasure to do business with
    13. Positive Feedback, Very Happy!

      I bought an SD custom ring from Synn Journeys. After committing to buy, I had a problem with my paypal account and Synn Journeys was nice enough to hold the ring for a couple of days until I got it fixed and shipped very quickly after I paid. I was offered two shipping options, made my choice and it got here safely. The entire transaction was friendly and professional and I would definitely buy from this seller again in the future. Thanks! :)
    14. Purchased a ring from Synn Journeys - she was very friendly and prompt and the ring arrived in perfect condition. :) I'd gladly do business with her again.
    15. I bought a Luts Delf head from Synn. This transaction was smooth and with great communication. I highly recommend Synn Journeys and hope to do business with her again. Thank you <3
    16. I bought a Doll Leaves Faye from Synn. She responded to me immediately and is a pleasure to talk to! The doll arrived so fast and is in perfect condition! A great experience!
    17. I made a trade with Synn Journeys for 2 pieces of doll furniture in exchange for 3 of my doll wigs. I was very happy with the trade and I feel that the trade was even and fair. I would definitely work with Synn Journeys again!
    18. Excellent swap partner, very agreeable, easy to deal with, very friendly and let me know when items were sent and received. Ideal!
    19. I traded a few items with Synn Journeys and everything turned out satisfying. She was friendly, accommodating, and I especially love the eyes I got so much! My items arrived quickly and safely. It took a bit longer to hear back, since she got unexpectedly busy IRL and hadn't logged onto DoA, but it was no problem, and I'm overall happy with everything ^^ .

      Thanks again!
    20. Synn Journeys traded her Lan for my CoCo and everything went amazingly well! Communication was consistent and friendly throughout, shipping was prompt, and Lan arrived safe and exactly as described. Highly recommended! Thanks again. :)