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Feedback For Syryn

Jun 8, 2008

    1. Please feel free to leave any feedback for me here.

    2. Syryn bought a pair of eyes from me. A lovely buyer: polite, communication was great and she paid promptly, a seller couldn't ask for more :aheartbea. Thank you for a lovely transaction :clover:.
    3. Syryn bought eyes from me and was pleasant and perfect to deal with!
    4. Syryn bought a pair of msd shoes from me, was an absolute pleasure to trade with, paid super fast and lovely, friendly communication. Highly recommend:)
    5. syryn bought a coat, sweat band and wig from me, she was a pleasure to deal with fast payment good communication

      also bought a braclet from syryn it is excellent quality and would recomend to everyone
    6. I sold an MSD Kimono to Syryn, she's an absolute dream to deal with and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again ^^
    7. I commissioned Syryn to work on a necklace for me and she made it beautifully! Kept me informed after the package was mailed out and very trustworthy!

      It was a pleasure to do business with you n__n
    8. Sold some MSD things to Syryn, paid very quickly, communication was lovely, many thanks and hope to trade with you again one day :)
    9. I bought some bracelets from Syryn -- totally adorable -- and great customer service, including friendly communications. Would definitely buy from her again! :)
    10. I brought some bracelets from Syryn :) Very funky and good quality. Would recommend definitely!
    11. i sold a dollzone body and a set outfit to Syryn. she is very kind to communicate, fast payment and everything went smoothly. thank you very much`~~
    12. Syryn bought a bundle of SD & MSD clothes from me. Great communication, fast payment and she let me know as soon as items arrived ~ a perfect transaction thank you! :)
    13. Syryn bought a wig from me and was excellent to deal with: fast communication, fast payment and friendly. She also let me know when the item arrived. Thank you! :)
    14. I sold some dolly wine glasses to Syryn. Payment was lightening fast and communication was great. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a buyer.
    15. Syryn recently touched up the pink blushing on my pet ari dalsoo, Kaden. It was done really fast and really well :) The pink is a nicer, richer pink than the default and suits my girl really well! She even showed my how to put the eyes back into my dollfie, as I haven't changed eyes before.

      Here is a photo of the touch up! She touched up all the pink parts of the face up!

      She also gave my SD13 boy a pedicure and manicure. She was very gentle with my boy and did a great job!

      I would recommend her for face ups and manicure/pedicure :)
    16. Syryn organized the preston meet- my first ever dollmeet and it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING
      She was super nice and friendly, i lovess her <33

      She also offered to restring my new boy and gave him a new face-up FREE OF CHARGE

      Had to say that she is the best dollfie-related person i have met so far ^^
    17. Amazing Job on my Boy's Face up, Reyes. Great detail on the lips and outstanding work on smokey eye shading. Brilliant customer service and a warm, gentle and loving approach to all of her customers and her work.

      Front shot - hair moved
      Slight side shot
      More images on my DA (^^ )
    18. Re-did my darling boy Itou's face up after he was vandalised for second time after paying for the first times re-done face up to replicate the old one. i wanted a new style and for her to add pink eyeshadow, etc. no full face shots sorry! i took these of him to show just how gorgeous of a job she has done on him.





      more images on my DA
    19. Syryn did an amazing face up on each of my new Bory twins <3

      Karia's face up <3

      Lei's face up <3

      She did them based off concept images i drew -

      Lei concept - http://sorajhannoa.deviantart.com/art/Lei-Face-Up-Mock-112622966
      Karia concept - http://sorajhannoa.deviantart.com/art/Karia-Face-Up-Mock-112622978

      She did an amazing job and I'm really proud of my twins :3

      There's tons more photos on my DA!

      She was really professional and asked my opinion on them every step of the way. She nailed this one :) I'm really pleased with them and would definitely recommend!
    20. Syryn bought a MSD hat from me, Quick payment and great communication :)