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Feedback for Tabbi

Dec 9, 2010

    1. A Feedbacktread to write down if something was good or bad with selling oder buying.
    2. Tabbi bought me a DOT Tender Elf Sha head. Excellent communication and fast to pay.
      Highly recommended!! ^__^
    3. Tabbi bought a head from me, and the transaction was smooth and problem-free. Thank you so much! I'm glad to see him go to a home where he's loved!
    4. I traded my dollzone boy for Tabbi's Bobobie/resinsoul girl. Communication was great and she shipped her fast. Tabbi was lovely to trade with and would happily work with her again. Thankyou :).
    5. I've bought a DOT T. Elf Sha head from her. He's beautiful. :aheartbea
      The transaction was smooth, the head was well packed and in the exact condition she told me. Also, the contact was very nice.

      Thank you again!
    6. Earlier this year, Tabbi bought several El heads from me. Communication was great, and it was a very smooth international transaction. Highly recommended person to deal with!
    7. I traded my Beyla for Tabbi's lovely SDF boy, and would absolutely recommend her to anyone for trading! :D

      From start to finish she was friendly and polite, with great communication! The doll arrived very quickly and packaged extremely well! She also let me know when my part of the trade arrived! Would love to deal with Tabbi again in future!! :aheartbea
    8. I bought a CH Hyun head form Tabbi. Communication was good and very fast. It was very well packaged. Great trade =)
    9. An awesome DOA Marketplace member! Thanks so much for the friendly, hassle free transaction :)
    10. I bought a LuWen head from Tabbi, and everything went smoothly and easily. I opted for first-class shipping, which took a long time (not Tabbi's fault), and Tabbi was extremely nice and understanding with my inquiries. ^_~ Would happily deal with Tabbi again.
    11. Tabbi bought a Dikadoll Bonnie from me and everything went fast and smoothly. The communication was perfect, very helpful buyer. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with Tabbi aigain:)
    12. I bought a Dolkot Lucifer head from Tabbi. Very good transaction! Good communication and perfectly shipped item! Thank you! :3
    13. Tabbi bought a Soom Original Release Afi from me on a short layaway and was a pleasure to deal with! Both payments were right on time, communication was excellent, and despite the Post office holding him without notification for a few days it was a fairly smooth transaction. Thank you so much! :)
    14. good seller. Everything went as it should. I bought a soulkid liddel from her. Tabbi included a free wig and eyes. It was well packed. I would buy from her again without hesitation! Thanks!