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Feedback for TabletopPhantom

Jan 17, 2008

    1. Please leave me feedback if you have been involved with a transaction with me. I am also erinofarabia on Ebay. Please include:

      Your username:
      What you bought or sold:
      What you thought about the quality of
      ...my communication (either buying or selling)
      ...my payment (buying)
      ...my shipping (selling)
      ...my follow-up (either buying or selling)
      ...and anything else you want to comment on!

      Thanks for your help! :cake:
    2. I ordered a Volks Yuh through TabletopPhantom and she was very communicative through the my long wait for Yuh to arrive from Volks. She charged a fair price and shipped the doll as soon as she received her. All and all, I would certainly go through her again while she is lucky enough to live near a Volks store in Japan. =)
    3. TabletopPhantom is fantastic to work with. Back in 2005 at the LA Volks store opening, she stood in line for me to get a Shizu, my dream doll. Her communication was excellent (she called me the second she'd bought the doll), her shipping was fast, the payment was easily made and it's thanks to her that I have this wonderful doll.
    4. I recently purchased some SD13 boys clothes from TabletopPhantom and she delivered very quickly for overseas and items were just as described. Would highly recommend buying from her again!
    5. Bought some lovely Yo-Tenshi wings from TabletopPhantom, arrived fast, just as described and I would def buy again.

      Thanks so much TabletopPhantom, I love the wings.

    6. I purchased a doll on commission from TabletopPhantom, and she was an absolute wonder to deal with. She kept me updated with emails all the time, communication was excellent! :daisy She shipped the doll securely to me and the package arrived safely with no problems whatsoever. I highly recommend dealing with TabletopPhantom, she's a total doll :aheartbea
    7. I ordered a large quantity of optional hands via TabletopPhantom from Sato -- mostly YoSD. She was excellent to deal with -- putting up with my VERY scatty order process with politeness and understanding, let me know when she was going to do the order, made sure we both understood what it involved, when she would let me know how it went (there were some availability variables involved) and then followed through with all time lines.

      The items arrived in good time in great condition and in a manner fitting of what I purchased -- no unnecessarily large packages with excessive padding -- just the right size with the right amount of in-package 'insurance' to make sure the items arrived in good health.

      VERY excellent, I highly recommend doing business with her!
    8. I bought a Volks Trench coat from TabletopPhantom and everything was absolutely wonderful. She was super-quick to respond to my offer and answered my questions promptly. She shipped the trench immediately and it was here lightening quick in excellent condition. It's just what I wanted. Thank you so much! Very highly recommended :)
    9. Purchased a FCS wig from her this last week. She shipped it out within a couple days and it arrived safe and sound, exactly as described. A good transaction all around! THX!
    10. Tabletop Phantom helped me get a doll and shipped quickly after she got her. I can't recommend her enough :daisy
    11. I purchased an Iplehouse Wig from TabletopPhantom and she was quick to ship out. It was packaged very well and in good condition. Definitely recommended and wouldn't hesitate to purchase from her again. ^ ^
    12. TabletopPhantom very kindly helped me get another doll, kept me updated at all times of the status and shipped very quickly once she had her. I highly recommend TabletopPhantom. :daisy
    13. :clover I bought two wonderful Yo outfits from TabletopPhantom. They arrived rapidly - at least half a week before I was expecting them ! They were packed beautifully and arrived in great condition. Communication throughout was perfect. An absolute treat to do a transaction with ! :aheartbea


    14. :abow: I bought a beautiful Yo from TabletopPhantom. He is in flawless condition, was packed perfectly and arrived rapidly. A dream of a purchase and such a lovely person to buy from - heartily recommended ! :aheartbea


    15. I bought a pair of sakura pink YoTenshi wings from Tabletop and it went fantastically. Communication was good. Shipping was extremely fast( same day!) and they came in perfect condition. They just arrived today and I couldnt be happier! I'd buy from Tabletop again in a heartbeat( especially if it was another pair of wings!)
    16. Rec'd a full choice doll through TabletopPhantom and was 100% satisfied in the complete transaction. <3
    17. I bought a doll (F-16) from TabletopPhantom. He has been always very attentive to me, very nice person to deal with, patient and understanding.
      She sent the doll as soon as I made the payment. When the doll arrived, everything came in perfect condition.
      I highly recommend her ^_^
    18. I bought some SD17 pants from TabletopPhantom recently, and she was super awesome to transact with! Friendly communication, great packaging, and super fast shipping. Would definitely buy from again, thanks so much!
    19. I purchased a wig from TabletopPhantom and it arrived in record time, exactly as described. Definitely would buy from again :)