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Feedback for Taicho

Jul 1, 2007

    1. I recently purchased a HappyDoll Dorothy from Taicho and could not be happier with our transaction.

      She shipped quickly, added lots of extra goodies and was very pleasant to do business with!

    2. I bought a dolly sized motorcycle from taicho^^.
      Taicho replied to my PMs really quickly and friendly.
      She is really nice person to do businesses with =D
      Thankyou very much^0^!
    3. I bought a Souldoll Paris (who just arrived) from Taicho.
      I've gotta say Taicho is super nice! She sent me more pictures of the doll as soon as I requested them. Taicho is also very polite even after I bombarded her with questions! PM's are replied quickly.

      The doll was well packed layered with cloth, a lot of cloth. I was amazed that I received a set of clothing with the doll. Taicho included some freebies for me without me requesting, I'm thankful for that. ^^;;

      Overall, Taicho is nice to work with!