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Feedback for TaiOfMine

Dec 2, 2006

    1. Soooo... I'm actually making one of these. I haven't bought or sold a whole lot of stuff, but it's good to have all my feedback in one place, me thinks.

      Great Sellers
      ~ dark_angel: Volks SD13 F-16
      ~ Death picnic: CP Kid Delf Woori (girl)
      ~ HouseOfIsis: CP #3 Girl Hands
      ~ Janne: Custom House Petite Ai Uriel
      ~ Joey: Volks MSD Schulze
      ~ Lyn04: CP Cutie Delf Cory
      ~ PrincessAI436: 14MM Green-Grey Glass Eyes

      Great Buyers
      ~ kristinthalys: 1 Yo-SD-sized dress
      ~ p^th3T!k~grrr1: 1 SD-sized Kimono
      ~ Shinkei Hanayama: 2 pairs of SD-sized Pajamas
      ~ Stinkerbell: 1 Yo-SD-sized dress, 1 MSD-sized dress

      Great Group Order Leaders
      ~ belladurmiente87: Mar '06 Luts order
      ~ sat: Oct/Nov '06 Dollmore order
    2. TaiOfMine is a great buyer! Received
      payment quickly and really nice communication!
    3. TaiOfMine is a great buyer! Bought a pair of 14mm green Grey glass from me, fast payment and great communication overall! highly recommend! :)
    4. Very nice to deal with, a happy transaction! Thanks!
    5. TaiOfMine participated in my LUTS GO, great transcation with prompt payment, thanks!
    6. TaiOfMine bought a cherishdoll tiny from me.
      Awesome buyer, fast payment excellent communication.
    7. He's the perfect buyer. I sold Captain Cecile SF LE to him, and he paid fast and always easy communication. Recommended.
    8. Taiofmine has bought TLG brown checked vest from me. Smooth communication and fast payment, a very happy transaction, thanks! :)
    9. TaiOfMine bought a UsagiHime wig from me. It was smooth and nice transaction. Thanks a lot for the purchase! :)