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Feedback for Takysa

Sep 29, 2009

    1. If you've had a transaction with me, please post a reply! =^i^=
    2. Takysa is a wonderful buyer! paid promptly and great communication. Would do business with her again :)
    3. Excellent transaction with Takysa who purchased a body from me on layaway. Payment was faster than agreed and communication was good. A perfect transaction. Thanks!
    4. Takysa participated in a For My Doll GO I recently ran. Payment was lightning fast and she was a total sweetie to do business with. :aheartbea
    5. Bought an outfit from me in a genuinely smile-inducting transaction ^^ Takysa was lovely to work with and I sincerely hope I can do it again! Thanks so much for letting me know it arrived safely, and I hope you have a lot of fun with it ^^
    6. Takysa participated in a split I ran for an Iplehouse Luna Tamer doll. She was prompt with her communications, wonderfully patient with all of the little bumps we ran into getting everything coordinated, payed when she said she would, and let me know when the item arrived safely. I couldn't be more pleased with the transaction. I would most definitely work with her again in the future. :)
    7. I had a wonderful transaction with Takysa! She provided excellent communication, is super friendly and an absolute pleasure to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate doing business with her again. Thank you! :)
    8. Liz took part in my Sphaler group order.

      Her payment was super speedy, her communication was excellent, and I found her absolutely flawless to deal with! I'd split with her again, anytime! A plus awesome buyer! All around good person! xD

      (And fun, too! :daisy I hope you love your parts, Lizzie~!)
    9. Takysa was a part of my Group Order for a Iplehouse Luna tamer and everything about the transaction was perfect! She is always pleasant and true to her word, every payment was even made early so it saved me alot of stress as the GO organizer :) She is a very lovely person I wouldn't hesitate even for a minute to do business with her again, absolutely a recommended buyer in my book!
    10. Takysa bought a doll from me, and it was a fantastic transaction. I would definitely recommend her as a buyer, and I would love to do business again! :aheartbea
    11. Takysa was in my Luna Chimera split and she was fabulous! Always paid on time or early, always true to her word, and extremely sweet :) It was wonderful to do a transaction with her and I would definitely recommend her, thanks Takysa!
    12. I bought a MSD wig from Takysa. She was very quick to respond, and shipped quickly as well. Was a pleasure to do business with, and would gladly do it again! A+++++++
    13. Takysa participated in my Yur split, she bought the Astrologer Outfit. She was prompt with her payments and communication was excellent :) I would definately have dealings with her again :) A+
    14. Takysa bought a grey spirit doll freesia from me and the whole transaction was just perfect.:)
    15. I sell a Dollmore dress fromTakysa. It's a very good transaction, communication is perfect, and she is really very honest. Thank you very much.
    16. Oups ! I made an error: I bought a dress from Takysa
    17. I recently bought a pair of Sphaler ears from Takysa and the ears arrived safe and very well packed. Lovely seller to deal with! I would business with her again and I highly recommend her. Thank you so much for such a nice buying experience! :aheartbea ~Nina~
    18. I bought some Dollheart pants from Takysa, and they arrived in perfect condition, packed really well. Thank you! Would def buy from again. :)
    19. Takysa recently bought a KDF Cherry elf head on layaway from me. Very polite and prompt with communications. Payments were always on time. Would definitely do business with her again!
    20. Takysa commisioned me. She paid quick, the communication was great. Excellent transaction! :]