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Feedback for Tallenvyaere

Jun 22, 2009

    1. Seeing as how I've purchased something here on DoA and am currently on layaway for another item (last payment being made today!) I figured I should set this up.

      For anyone who sells/purchases something from me, I apologize if I PM you too much, I like having good, constant communication wherever possible. :D
    2. Just wanted to add something: I only pay through Paypal, and am in the process of figuring out how to get my actual bank account on my account (apparently you need a void check? o.O). Also, I DO have a verified address on my paypal account, but there has been issues with people accessing it, so I will PM my address when I give my last payment on my purchases. :) I hope this doesn't deter people from doing transactions with me, I'm new to Paypal, so when I try to navigate I'm like 'whuhhhh? Whudaheck?' At least I know how to send payments :)
    3. Tallenvyaere bought a set of puki sugar plates from me (three of them) Payment was super fast, member had great communication and friendly pms! I would love to do business again!
    4. Tallenvyaere bought a pair of eyelashes from me. Pay really fast, great communication.
      Everything was perfect, thanks!
    5. Tallenvyaere bought a pair of MSD striped tights from me and was a pleasure to work with! Hr payment was fast and she kept in great communication! Thanks for being an awesome buyer!!
    6. I was lucky enough to purchase a little puki face plate from Tallenvyaere, and was happy to find they're very friendly, cooperative and I'm more then in love with my purchase! I highly recommend!
    7. Tallenvyaere participated in my Dollmore GO. She was very friendly and easy to deal with, quick on payments and great communication. Would be happy to deal with again :) Thank you very much!!
    8. I have just had the pleasure of working with Tallenvyaere. I was able to purchase a Soom Beyla Unicorn head from her and I could not be happier. Even though my little one is on the way, I couldn't help but post feedback right away. I highly reccomend Tallenvyaere for all forms of commerce! She is very polite, understanding, and swift in all responses.

      :goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar Thank you again!
    9. was in her group order for the soom belya, she was nice and understanding though out.. she also answer all my qutions, and worked with me to do a lay-a-way plan. she shipped fast and perfectly :)
      i would work with her again in a heartbeat:D:starcookie:treecookie

      ps also did tracking and gave my sere a cute little necklace :)
    10. I was in group spilt for Belya's cutie hand. Tallenvyaere always update us with new info, and she ship the item fast! Thank you very much! My Gloti will be so happy with the new hand!!!
    11. I participated in a SOOM split hosted by Tallenvyaere and overall, the experience was pleasantly easy and smooth. Communication was constantly kept up from her end and shipping was swift. I am very pleased with the way that she handled things from her end.

      :bcake:pcake Thank you for helping me secure the outfits I wanted!! :pcake:bcake
    12. i had a wonderful wig transaction with Tallenvyare
      thank u so much again for being a great communicator and wonderful buyer :aheartbea
    13. Tallenvyare purchased the beyla hands. She paid promptly and kept a great and friendly communication. Would love to deal with her again, thank you!!
    14. Sold my Alk's wings to Tallenvyaere in a split, and she paid quickly. She let me know when they arrived, and was a pleasure to deal with! Thanks!
    15. Tallenvyaere and I had a trade. The whole transaction was lovely. She is a great person to interact with. The item she sent me was sent quickly and with careful protection for such a long trip. THANKYOU for such a great swap. I hope we get the chance to work together again.
    16. Tallenvyaere joined a LeekeWorld group order I organized.
      The communication was smooth and payment was swift. Recommened buyer!

      Thank you so much. ^^
    17. Tallenvyaere sold me Glot resin wings, and it couldn't have been a nicer transaction. I enjoyed talking with her as she waited on my payment, and was very patient with my forgetfullness ;) She sent a beautiful note and gifts, making the sale seem more personal, which was welcomed and appreciated!

      Thank you hon! <3
    18. Feedback for multiple transactions:

      I first contacted Tallen about joining my Syen split for the gargoyle legs and hands, which she gladly jumped on, and later snagged the body as well. She paid quickly, and even helped me pay for one of the heads to help things move along a bit sooner. Very patient and easy to talk to, she is the ideal split member.

      A month later, she joined my Aphan split for the eyes. Again, greatto talk to, was awesome to work with, and even let me do a little trade for her Keny hooves for part of the cost of all the parts.

      Another month later, she bought my Angelheim Kozy racoon head from me. Paid well, and overall, I found her to be the most pleasant buyer to work with.

      After purchasing the Kozy head, we decided shipping plans needed to be made, anddecided that her Syen body, parts, Kozy head, and Aphan eyes should all ship at once, to save on shipping. She paid the shipping fees quickly, and in a surprising turn of events, recieved her parts a week and a half earlier than either of us expected. She was PHENOMINAL to work with and I would reccommend her to eveyone. She was the BEST split member and buyer that a seller could want, and I personaly look forward to working with her again, should the occassion arise.
    19. i had another great wig order with Tallenvyaere <3
      thanks so much again
    20. Please pardon the lateness of this feedback...

      Tallenvyaere took part in my 17th Leekeworld group order run and she was just as wonderful to work with as a participant that she was as a host. On top of communication and quick to respond to invoices, she's just great and I cannot recommend her enough. Would gladly do business with again!

      &#9829;[ Thank you for your participation in one of my group orders!! ]&#9829;
      &#9829;[ It is in my sincerest hopes that your experience was as pleasant as my own was! ]&#9829;​